Friday, October 8, 2010

Junk Drawer

Yep, I could try and fool you all and tell you that I am so organized and careful and Type A, that I don't really have a junk drawer.  That all my drawers look like this (although when I bought all this old silver bit my bit, Mr. Raz would always ask what I wanted with all that junk.)
But if I did tell you that, I would be a liar.

Because I have several. 3 in the kitchen alone. But it's not really junk.  It's all needed.

Although His Nibs has a couple of tool boxes, his tools don't know where he keeps them, so I designated this drawer in the kitchen table for his BITS.  Note the unopened pack of thimbles???????
This is the real junk drawer.  Odd lightbulbs, napkin rings that haven't made it back to the proper drawer in the dining room, birthday candles, and a Body Butter.  Because you may need it in the kitchen. 
And this is what I call junk, but really is all the necessary stuff that gets tangled and messy if it isn't coralled in some way.  Here I keep my mums old can opener (that thing right at the front next to the mini melon baller), cookie cutters (I have never made dog cookies, so why the bone shaped cutters), And in every junk drawer in Canada there's Canadian Tire money (cash back money from big hardware sotre)
A little pin from the UK.
And a yellow life saver from the 1980's.

Next week.  Our challenge is FOOD.
Photograph food.  How easy is that?


  1. I think these drawers are pretty indicative of A+ personalities (I should know, I'm married to one!). You guys seem to need lots of stuff and have a way of (sometimes) using it!
    BTW...I have that Cadbury tin...I keep it in my filing cabinet full of lots of pretty colouring pencils.

  2. His Nibs's drawer looks very similar to mine - but mine's bigger!

  3. Everybody's junk drawer looks so much better than mine! How can I possibly have junk drawer envy? It hardly ever crosses my mind, yet this week I thought about it a lot. Again, a fun exercise Chania.

  4. Chania,

    I have the dog bone recipes if you need em?
    They are perfectly filed under canine- holiday gifts




    Have a great weekend. : D

  5. Chania - I love this post. I must say your junk drawers look a lot tidier than mine!

  6. My favorite in your junk drawer was the Canadian Tire money! That is tucked away in the glovecompartment/drawers etc. all over the house.

    What a great post I love it!!!

  7. I had a different challenge to do today at a different site, but I will be back next week. Loved seeing everyone's drawers. Mine would have been boring, very organized and neat. Kit

  8. I'm so glad someone else has a junk drawer with junk for just-in-case. Regular purging is the only answer, I reckon, to keeping the junk to a minimum.

  9. Hi Chania, my junk drawer that I actually photographaged was so boring I just could not post it. I am a BIG chicken. Your silver drawer is very fetching. I love the line about body butter in the kitchen! hugs♥olive

  10. What does it say about us if we are sitting here scrutinizing every item in the drawer? I practically want to pull out a magnifying glass to see what's inside people's junk drawers. Yours included! I think I'm letting my curiousity get the better of me, but somehow I find people's junk drawers intensely interesting. Great photo topic.

  11. Hi Chania,
    I don't have a junk drawer, but I do have some very cool junk stashed in boxes. :)
    Fun challenge - I'm off to visit everyone that participated.
    Have a happy,
    ~ Zuzu

  12. Oh Chania, dear, your junk drawers are really organized!!


    Art by Karena

  13. What are you on about - those drawers aren't junk! Come to my house and I'll show you what junk is.

  14. Oh Chania, how lovely to hear from you! It was wonderful to take a break, but I can't keep the things I do just for myself, right? I can't wait to see your masterbedroom done! I'm sure it will look amazing! I'll do my best to catch up with your posts. Missed to read them a lot!
    Have a lovely week and wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Gorgeous picture of yourself!
    Love, Li :-)


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