Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The world will be watching and praying for the Miners in Chile tonight.

I have been absolutely gripped by the story of the trapped miners in Chile.
I have been reading about the psychological challenges they will face ascending from over 60 days underground.  They have received counselling from a psychiatrist who supports NASA astronauts.
This evening a capsule will be inserted into a shaft and begin the extraction of 33 men.  A trip taking about 30 minutes.  The men could suffer clots, panic and even heart failure.  They are each allowed to see and visit with 2 family members when the arrive at the top, while being whisked away for medical treatment.

In a very disciplined attempt to keep the rescued men from being overwhelmed by media, there are strictly enforced media restrictions. 

The world will be watching and praying for these men tonight in what will be a riveting rescue.
It will be one time I won`t mind getting up with Gracie at 5 am (Valium not working).

God be with you tonight Miners of Chile.


  1. Hell Chania....!

    It's a WONDERFUL story that these men were spared in the first place & my thoughts will be with them during the 'extraction process'....I just hope the worlds media don't spit them out as is there practise when they're 'done'....!

    I understand one fellow will be facing both his wife AND his mistress....hmmmmmm....I don't think that will be sich a happy reunion....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. ....Oh my STARS....That SHOULD have been HELLO Chania....DOH....!!!!

  3. It is really a miracle they have made it thus far. I cannot imagine being that far in the ground for so long. God Bless them and the team helping them.

    Tamarah is too cute!

  4. I'm watching it all unfold on CNN right now.

    The effects their bodies may suffer was very interesting to me also. It is like a 30 minute MRI in I/4th the space. I cannot imagine, and I applaud the media restrictions. Why can't these restrictions be enforced in other times and places?

    I also have concerns for the families who have a wife and a mistress waiting at the top. How awful is that? It is a miracle that they are able to rescue them at all, and yes we should all hope for a good outcome.

    Of course you know I'll be up just like poor Gracie.



  5. We'll be up and watching too Chania...it's like a re-birth for them don't you think? Let's hope they all come safely back into this world.

  6. I am watching this entire thing right now. I am so happy for these brave men.


  7. O yes yes yes !! this is finally......great news!!!.......happy day.....love love love Ria...

  8. 5 out now and we're still holding our breath - they won't all be out until later tomorrow - what a day that's going to be.

  9. Oh wow - it's heart-stopping really. But great job to those Aussies rescuing them!

  10. I went to bed at midnight after the second man was brought to the surface and awoke about 7am to find the tenth was about to emerge. What a grueling, exhilirating, courageous, heartwarming and beautiful story this has become. The human spirit is a wonderful thing.

  11. Isn't it amazing that this mining accident is going to have a happy ending. I can't imagine living underground for two months.... it's going to be so exhilarating for all of them to be back above ground, breathing in fresh air and seeing their loved ones for the first time months.

    Kudos to everyone involved with the rescue effort -- it's a very impressive feat to save 33 very brave men.


  12. It is truly riveting! I'm happy the rescue has gone so well, the families must be absolutely thrilled...can you imagine?!

    Kat :)

  13. This is such an amazing day - not many hours now until they are all out safe and well to their families. I was listening to Radio 4 this afternoon. Someone who had been trapped underground for two days in a similar incident was being interviewed. He said that it will be as traumatic above ground being pursued by the media. Lets hope they will give these brave men and their rescuers the time with their families and the space they so obviously need.


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