Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's not White.........Girls Bedroom

I just finished a room for a client with 5 kids.  After doing a number of rooms that were predominantly White and Shabby Chic, I must say it is nice to get away from that for a bit. This client hates painted wood, preferring medium dark woods such as oak.

 With a live in nanny and all those kids, it means no guest room.  However, now that 3 of the kids are at university, my client wanted to give one of the girls rooms a makeover so it can double as a guest room.  She called me five weeks ago and said it had to be finished by October 7th.  It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and the kids are coming home, so we wanted it ready to surprise her.

I ordered the bed from a big company (CSN stores ) thats ships to Canada and has great prices, plus free delivery, as well as the night stands and double dresser.  All the linens are from Pine Cone Hill from my shop, and the rug is Dash and Albert.  My client prefers more traditional rugs, however, I wanted to keep it young and fresh, so we opted for this lovely striped cotton rug.
 We saved money on the lamps $79.99 each with linen shades.
A mix of stripes and flowers and a blue silk pillow for a little punch. 
Although you can't see the color of the drapes, they are a petite cream and cinnamon stripe with a cozy interlining and a contemporary box pleated top.
There is a foot board, however, the proper rails for the frame were shipped to the wrong address, so I had to use a borrowed frame for the weekend and hope to attach the footboard by Monday.

This is the perfect client.  She hires a decorator because she wants to save time, and wants me to deal with the headaches, (and there's always something) deliveries and drapery installer etc.  She only wants a couple of decisions, so I narrow things down to 2 and she picks.  Fast.  She also doesn't mind spending money on good quality.  I save money on the smaller, less important bits for her.

The daughter needs to add her bits, so we left the walls blank and she can add her touch to it when she comes home.

Plus she is a psychologist, so I can run things by her........


  1. Talk about a job can talk to your client about job stress :) Anyway, it turned out great Chania. I especially love the rug and you are right, it adds a youthful vibe. You can never go wrong with a striped Dash & Albert rug! Love it all.

  2. It's lovely - you did such a great job.

  3. Love those striped cushions -it all looks so lovely. x

  4. Well done you. The room looks cosy, inviting and restful with a definite youthful edge. Just lovely.

  5. sounds like the PERFECT client!! and the room is's so refreshing to see some color. good job! mind sharing WHERE the bed came from?

  6. Love the lamps. Are they from your store? Lx

  7. I really love the color. Warm and inviting and still restful..
    I would be a perfect client too ... being so very grateful that Someone else is doing all of this for me :)

  8. Morning Chania....!

    LOVE the look of this bedroom....The bed linens are GORGEOUS....My absolute FAVE thing though is the Dash & Albert rug....Love love LOVE that....!!

    LUCKY you having access to your very own 'shrink' so to speak....hahahahaha....I would LOVE to know what a physcologist thinks of what 'we do'....?

    Cheers for now Lovey & have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. Adore those linens..(and me an all white and tan gal)..but they are yummy!

    I'd love to be a guest in here.

    Terrific job...Have a wonderful weekend..



  10. Wow! Beautiful room. You did such a great job. There are some rooms in this house that need "doing".
    I'm not a decorator though so it wouldn't look like this room!

  11. That's a very welcoming bedroom! xx

  12. Chania, this bedroom is beautiful! A fabulous job as always. I would love to be the girl who comes home to this surprise on the weekend!! Gorgeous bedding and the bed itself is amazing!!! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  13. This room is so cozy and welcoming. I'd love to dive into that bed with a nice, long book. I like all the little details, like that striped rug (I have a thing lately for striped rugs) and those blue flowered pillows (such a nice contrast with all that red). What a dream client you have.

  14. It is so pretty Chania! I love the bedding and the colors.......I am sure your client's daughter is going to be so happy when she sees her new room! You are an amazing decorator!
    Hope all is well with you and yours.......
    Health and happiness!

  15. Hi Chania
    Love the mix of wide stripe and floral.. looks lovely.. and not too busy!!... the black iron bed is quite special also... great job.. I'm sure your client was thrilled with the outcome Julie

  16. The linens and the lamps are just wonderful. Well done. hugs♥O

  17. Chania,
    You did a perfect job, a beautiful space to read and relax in. I am sure a guest to this room will feel bed and breakfast welcomed.

    I have some raw wood tones in my home, driftwood in tone and if it were all white I would feel the need more often then not to have some depth to a room!

    A roon to love my dear!

  18. that loooks FANTASTIC. Love the soft colours and stripes, Chania.

  19. So So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Your artistic edge and your honesty and transparency are refreshing. Looking forward to getting to know you better.


  20. It's lovely! The rug, especially, is the making of the room.


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