Saturday, October 23, 2010

Montreal- Peak at the Old Port

Bonjour from Montreal in La Belle Province Quebec.  Quebec is Canada's French speaking province.  When you leave Ontario the signage turns immediately to French and French only, and the road rules change too, so you have to be aware.  We spent the afternoon in the Old Port, the oldest part of the city.  And the most beautiful.  The architecture is fabulous, quaint shops, the most amazing restaurants in the city and old world charm.
Gorgeous stone buildings.

Fleur De Lys
Street Artist
You can take a carriage ride around the city.
In every city
Always street performers.
Cobbled streets.

Here they are filming a movie.
Finally a moose they let me photograph.
Fur Trade 
Bear skin?


  1. Ok, now it's official: I must go to Canada.
    All I see about this country is fabulous.
    Quebec is fantastic!
    Congratulations and have a nice weekend.
    Off course, you will, you are in Quebec.

  2. hello chania! this looks like a great vacation destination, thanks for sharing. lots of catching up and reading of your prior posts and I am sure to find great photos to enjoy. have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  3. Beautiful lines and lighting. Thank you!

  4. I love Old Montreal. I was there with some girlfriends last summer and loved every French minute of it! Can't wait to get back there. You took such great photos!

  5. My son wants to travel to Montreal so bad... now so do I!

  6. Montreal looks great, Chania. Have a good holiday.

  7. We stayed in the old part of Montreal a few years ago and loved it! The architecture, the food, the people, it was wonderful. Enjoy your time there.

    Kat :)

  8. Thank you for the Peek !
    We used to live in NY and spent quite a lot of time in Montreal a few times a year. Summer or Fall, it was always wonderful.
    The restaurants, the old town, the people, I loved it.
    I wanted to live there but my husband convinced me that he was not walking the dog at night in a snow drift ..
    Your photos are wonderful ~

  9. Chania thank you for taking us on a virtual trip around Montreal. It looks awesome.

  10. Great photos! I've never been over there so this was fun to see!

  11. Great photos. I love Montreal, but haven't been for almost 10 years now (and we live in Toronto).


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