Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Challenge. Red- Linky Tool Fixed!

The challenge this week was red.  I tried to get photos that really spotlighted RED.

I am off to Montreal this weekend so next weeks challenge is going to be
Montreal has lots of lovely architecture I can photograph and I am really looking forward to seeing yours.

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  1. Come see your guest blog post at

  2. Morning Chania....!

    I hope you have a LOVELY time in Montreal....!! Your challenge this week just so happens to be my FAVE colour to decorate with.... :o) !!

    I'm on my way to work now but I'll pop back with my link tomorrow....!!

    Take care Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Have a brilliant time in Montreal Chania

  4. Chania-love the jam image. I will link up in the am.

    Tom-you are too funny.

  5. hi chania!
    love your shots of red...your dishes are so cute. you really are an amazing cook aren't you? i spose you did all the canning and baking...put me to shame. my hubby has been out of town and so i have barely eaten. can't wait for him to get home to cook for me. ha ha. love this weeks prompt, even though i am not a RED person, so it was a challenge. thanks for hosting and have fun in Montreal!

  6. I am going to take my red crayons and go home. You guys have really nailed the challenge.

    No fair going away to a city with architecture....oh but that's right I have part of a house in my living room! ha!



    safe trip friend : )

  7. I love your red transferware cups and the cake with raspberries on top looks amazing. I'm afraid I went for the obvious and did fall leaves. It was a fun challenge. Thanks for hosting.

  8. I love all of your beautiful examples of red Chania! And your reno is coming along nicely, love those gorgeous sconces!!

    Enjoy your weekend in Montreal! I look forward to seeing your architectural photos next week!

    Kat :)

  9. You did make the red go pop, beautifully. Those raspberries also got me drooling. With that cuppa in the polka dots.

    Hope you can do lots of pleasant things while in this city, me too are looking forward to see what you will show us.

  10. If you want to bleed for the cause Tom, blood would fit the category.

  11. Chania, enjoying participating in your linky party! Thanks so much! Loving all the RED!

  12. Love your choices of red!! These photos are great. Red is my all time favorite color! :) I couldn't participate this week, but I'll be back at it next week! :)

  13. Chania you were certainly right to pick the color red - it just sings in all the pictures. Will be disappointed if Tom doesn't bleed...

  14. Hi Chania
    Have a wonderful time in Montreal.. will look forward to seeing your shots when you get back... Well I thought I wouldn't find any red for this week's challenge.. but the red found me!!

    Love your red and white dinnerware.. lovely!!! and that cake is killing me [softly!!] hehe.. ciao xxx Julie

  15. Raspberries, my favorite!

  16. Fun! I didn't get a chance to visit the links until tonight.


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