Saturday, October 30, 2010

The "Desperate for a Cure Housewives" Halloween Bash

Who is this gorgeous Bollywood Star?......oh that's my Girl!

Last night there was a big bash put on by my friends
the "Desperate For a Cure Housewives"
Every year, they raise a ton of money for Breast Cancer.  One of their most popular fundraisers is the annual Halloween bash.  I applogise for the lousy photos, but it was dark and full of boisterous people who just won't stand still for a second to get a good photo.

Mad Hatter and his Wife. 
The women did seem to find the Pirate sexy 
The always lovely Princess Caroline. 
Sumo?  this one had a battery operated fan that kept Sumo inflated 
Sometimes a Professor just wants to be a Pricess for a Day. 
I know Who it is, but I don't know Who it is????
The beauty of this party, is it is multi-generational. And it has become a community event.  Although run by the ladies of the group, all their kids come and their friends.  It a mixed party of parents and kids and their friends, all wanting to do something for the cause and have a blast doing it.

Pit Stop? 
Barry Bonds. 
Ride around Sally
Me with Sumo Guy in my cowgirl attire...... 
Some men just love dressing as a woman........Bet you hope your Hooters waitress doesn't look like this. 
Beauty Queens..... 
The Donald 
Who needs a costume when your that cute!

If you've got it flaunt it.....Our guest from LA Ink... Kat Von-Whatever 
Betty Rubble 
Typical Canadian Man at a bar. 
Haven't a clue..... 
Who knew that Fried Eggs could have so much fun. 
Jail Birds and Whatever WWF guy this is....

Great job girls, organizing this one....
Happy Halloween.
Jail Bird steals Ballerina.....

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  1. Hi! I stopped over to visit you ~ from Anita's "Far from Rubies" blog. She participated in your architect meme... What a great idea! I am teaching my reading students about "setting" during the month of November. I was thinking the photos would make great "story starters."

    Your costume party photos are fabulous! I must email your post to my daughter... She attends a costume party every October... This year she's dressing as Jane Fonda {from her '80's exercise video days}.
    It was fun stopping by!
    Have a lovely weekend ~ Maria

  2. How fun! Such a great event for a great cause! Oh, and that is Wilma Flintstone. Betty rubble had the black hair. ;o)


  3. Looks like a good time was had by all...and some fabulous costumes!

  4. Some very awesome costumes...your daughter is stunning!


  5. What a fun way to honor a worthy cause. We are never too old for dress-up - lots of fun. Ann

  6. Oh wow Chania, - you've taken some fantastic pictures. You're daughter is beautiful. Looks like everyone had a fun time. Hope you raised lots of cash too for such a worthwhile cause.

  7. Looks like an absolute hoot, Chania. You lot really know how to have fun. Hope it raised a load, too.

  8. These look great! I love Luigi (always my favorite of the infamous Italian brothers) and the robot guy is Bender from the show Futurama. :) I'm not sure if I should be proud to know that... LOL

    Great photos! So fun to see all the costumes! :)

  9. Chania, that looked like SO MUCH FUN!!! Your daughter is so gorgeous and obviously takes after her cowgirl Mum!! Loved your costume:) Hope LOTS of money was raised, what a fabulous way to raise funds for such an important cause. Thanks for sharing, such a fun post!!! Hugs ~ Txx

  10. Oh such fun!!!

    Come link your fun photos to my weekly meme - Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Looks like a great time for a great cause-thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks so much for joining in the fun of Seasonal Sundays. When you have a chance, I'd appreciate it if you would provide a link back to Seasonal Sundays so your readers can enjoy the rest of the links. Thanks!

    Hope to see you next week.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. What a great fundraiser. People really got into their costumes. Thanks for sharing, and I thought you got a lot of great photos!


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