Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reno Dust in My Soup and Forgotten Parcels-Reno Day 6

I was the perfect client today, doing what Mike Holmes tells you never to do.  Feed your contractor and his assistant.  Mike claims coffee and tea is a good thing, but when you start with lunch and baked goods in the morning, you begin to lose the balance, plus, if you greet them with cinnamon buns in the morning of day 6, then on days 7, 8, 9........then start looking for them.  So when they arrived to piping hot tea and cinnamon buns, I am setting the precedent for tomorrow when there won't be any.  See, already agreeing with Mike.  I will post my cinnamon bun recipe later on, as I make it with pizza dough (I cheat and buy it from the deli), and they are better than Cinnabon as they haven't got shortening, just butter and brown sugar and raisins.  Tutorial to Follow.

Anyway I was feeling sick and miserable today, so I made myself tomato and basil soup with some of the last Ontario tomatoes and the measly remaining basil from the garden.  Last week Jacqueline from
Beauty in the Ordinary posted this magnificently easy bread recipe that I have made at least 5 times.  I sprinkle it with wheat germ and it bakes into a gorgeous crust.  So the fellas got a hot lunch and my house is covered in drywall dust and little bits of insulation from an attic crawl to see why the bedroom is so cold.  So when you spend the morning in the attic I figure you deserve hot soup and crusty bread for lunch.

The electrician arrives tomorrow and we marked out the exact positioning of the pot lights and sconces.  Simon asked about my bedroom sconces, and I had forgotten them really.  I located the box and was so excited to see them again. 

 I had forgotten how lovely they were. 
They were $40.00 a pair from my favorite shop up north.
The wall between the bathroom and the bedroom is up (well the studs).
Plumbing got roughed in yesterday and the toilet moved.
This will have a pocket door with frosted glass. 
And this is what is taking so much time.  The horrible popcorn ceiling is getting covered with bead board.  Then a 5 inch wide x 1" deep beam (trim piece) will cover the seams and edges shaker style, with a pot light in the middle of each of the 6 sections. With a 6" crown molding that will line up with the build in closets.  It took all morning to finalise the 6 sections as the ceiling joists have to be taken into account for the light boxes.  Like a very bad designer, I drew it on a large post it with no dimensions.  But I like to work it out in the room better.  I know in my head what I want, and Simon does a pretty good job in reading my "head" plans. 
So amidst the chaos of the reno, I keep peeking at these and I can picture them in my lovely new room, and suddenly I don't care if there is dust in my soup.


  1. You are so sweet Chania....I want to come to your house for breakfast/lunch!!!

    Health and happiness,
    - When workers come to my house, I feed them also..: )

  2. What is a little sprinkle of dust in your soup, when you have such gorgeous sconces to stare at!! They are beautiful Chania:) I can't believe how quickly your reno is prgoressing...you must be so excited!! You are such a sweetie for making such a delicious lunch for your workmen!! Hope they repay your kindness with fabulous and speedy work:) ~ Txx

  3. wait - wait I thought the song went "animal crackers in my soup?"

    the sconces are scrumptious as are the buns I'm sure ;-0



  4. your ceiling is going to be outta this world awesome.

    I feel for you for having to eat drywall dust, but, you will be okay. We aren't dead yet from it. LOl.

    It's gonna be awesome. Boy, are you ever a nice host...

  5. Oh Chania these sconces are GORGEOUS....Speaking of GORGEOUS....Mike Holmes is my FAVE contractor....Next to Mr SVJ or course.... ** wink ** We used to watch him all the time when we had cable....Alas....We gave it up because it was quite addictive....Cable that is....NOT Mike....Though....hmmmmm.....hahahahaha....!!

    Can't wait to see those pretties mounted....!!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. All looks like it's coming along quite nicely...I'm very impressed with your ceiling plans and husband is salivating at the mere notion of cinnamon bun recipe! Post soon please!

  7. To heck with what Mike Holmes says! If you have a good contractor, you should treat him well - there are lots of duds out there.
    Peter gets meals from his clients a lot. I think it's a good sign that they are happy with his work.

  8. I agree, with lights like that, I wouldn't mind dust in my soup either! Loved that last line :-)

  9. I must make that bread and you have made it five times. There is no dust on you! Out of all that you will be rewarded with a lovely room!

  10. That's me too, Chania, fixing onto details to keep me going through the mess. The lights look chic and pretty, and you'll soon be living in spacious, orderly cleanliness again. (I very nearly am by now.)


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