Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Challenge- Architecture

This week the photo challenge was ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT.
I must admit, I picked this topic because I knew I was to be in Montreal and it would be easy as pie.
Montreal is such an old city and the gorgeous architecture has been preserved most beautifully and is key to the feel of the City.

Blogger and Stone Carver Tom Stephenson would be quite at home here with all the magnificent stone carving.
Tom has been writing a bit about his carving HERE on his blog and HERE on his other Compact but Adorable Lifestyle blog.  He's not for the faint of heart.  It's not all pink and frou-frou over there, and he has been known to throw some LANGUAGE around, but definitely worth a read.
This wonderful domed roof captured my attention, sparkling as it was in the sun.  Look at how the windows are so beautifully arranged around the dome.  This is such a beautiful part of the skyline.
It looks simple and charming, but look at all the detail carved into this store front. Or is it carved??  Maybe they are poured concrete.  Does anyone know?
Again, lovely details.  I don't know what those pediments above the windows are called, but they are quite intricate.  Imagine building this.
I spotted these tiles outside a restaurant. 
Layer upon layer of carvings. 
Passage under a building.

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Next weeks Challenge.  SHADOW.  Capture a shadow.


  1. Oh wow! Chania, the photos are brilliant.

  2. THANKS SO MUCH for your comment Chania....Things are FINE....Just a little hectic for me to get 'a handle on' at the mo....!

    Your pics are FABULOUS as always....The first one of the dome had me ENTRANCED....The PERFECT 'rule of thirds'.... :o) !!

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any pics together to submit for this challenge but I'll be out in the HR tomorrow & there IS a LOVELY Church that may provide some interesting photos....hmmmmmm....??

    Well I must fly to the station....One more day at 'tpdj' to get through & its the weekend....!!

    Have a 'good one' Lovey....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. and here I thought I was getting an early jump. : D

    Another reminder to me of why I want/need to move...oh how I wish...


    Hope the trip was grand!



  4. I love visiting old buildings in big cities and Canada seems to have such a European feel about it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  5. Beautiful pictures Chania! I love the first one with that gorgeous shimmering dome! I'm off to check out Tom's blog...thanks for the link.

    Kat :)

  6. Wonderful shots! I'm no expert but those columns look poured to me. Montreal looks lovely.

  7. ooops, I posted twice. Please delete one. Thanks Chania!

  8. Wonderful shots, Chania. And thanks to the link to Tom's blog. I've been most curious about him! My guess is that many of those are cast and not carved. But I'm no expert. Either way, they are beautiful elements. I haven't been to Montreal since 1969, so I remember little save for the cathedral they have there. Thanks for a glimpse of a beautiful city. I will link in the morn. Ann TBL

  9. Hi Chania, the silver dome and gorgeous windows made a lovely image. You were so right to send folks to visit Tom. Thanks for the challenge...I'll be looking for my shadow...that will be the one with the big hips.

  10. What gorgeous weather you had for your visit to Montreal. Photos are breathtaking. It's been a while since hubby and I have been there...time for a visit, I think!

  11. man o man...i LERVE good architecture!! looks like you had a good trip...

  12. So enjoyed the architectural elements that you captured from Montreal. I linked a post that I did on The Bavinger House by Bruce Goff, but I didn't see an html button to include in my post which would link readers back to your other participants. Am I overlooking it perhaps? Thank you for hosting such a wonderful meme. Cherry Kay

  13. Great photos!! That metal dome is spectacular! I bet it gets toasty in the sun. (It reminds me of the old, metal slides we used to play on in elementary school that would get so hot and you'd burn your butt!) he he he :)

  14. This is my first time here, and I"m so excited to find your blog!! Can't wait to look around!!

  15. Always good to come see your photo's.
    Pity people don't make such a fuss of what is happening overhead any more.

  16. Loving the metal dome. We had a copper one in Denver that just sparkled too! Love the photos! Kit


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