Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The dinner table.  A small crowd this year.
We always have people for dinner that aren't with their families for the occasion. One year we had 2 randoms that my brother met in Africa.  We've had kids who couldn't go home for Christmas.
My father used to call them my "Waifs and Strays"
This year we had my neighbor Evelyn and my daugher's friend Ivana.
I scrounged flowers from the garden for the centerpiece.

I love having both my kids under the same roof and seeing them miss each other and spend time together.
I love hearing them raiding the fridge at 2 in the morning and having their friends over and catching up with their lives.
They waited all day for this loaf of bread to rise and be ready to eat.
And my sweet momma who loves to sit and listen to the chatter and the kids stories. Like the one about my nieces tattoo and the hungover tatto artist.  She treasures every moment out of the nursing home and loves a home cooked dinner.  She sits at the head of the table and has a full view of everyone.  She doesn't say much over dinner, but takes it all in.  I catch her out of the corner of my eye laughing and chuckling over the dinner table tales.  These are the occasions that bring her joy. 

My new (old) butter dish.

I hope eveyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Today we are cleaning up the mess (and the martini glasses) and preparing for tomorrow morning when the bedroom and bathroom reno begin.


  1. What a lovely story Chania! Your table looks lovely and it is wonderful that your mother is able to join you. The way you described how she sits there and listens reminds me of my great grandmother. She was like that, she loved to sit and watch her family and listen to all the stories. I laughed when I read your dad's nickname for your "Waifs and Strays." I forgot exactly who coined the name for them years ago, but I am known for my Waifs and Strays holiday meals. I love the friendship and diversity it brings to our table.

    So glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

    ~ Tracy

  2. Hi Chania, your Thanksgiving is what every family holiday should be like! We were always the place for strays and waifs too, and my mother and father always welcomed whomever we dragged in with us. Your mother is a beautiful woman and how nice it is that she can still share these special times with you all.

    I love having both of my little birdies back in the nest at holiday times too. There is something so special about us all being together, and when it doesn't happen frequently it's made all the more special!

    Best of luck with the renovating...let the dust begin!

    Kat :)

  3. What a lovely family filled table. So glad your mother gets to enjoy all of you and that you include the waifs as well. ♥O

  4. I'm always very fascinated by Thanksgiving day, we don't have something like that in Italy...

  5. Happy thanksgiving Chania...we are off momentarily to begin ours at my brother-in-laws house in the city. MMMMMMmmmmmm good!
    Your Mum looks utterly delightful.

  6. Chania,

    I told you the other day I was sure your dinner party was perfection and the photos confirm. What a special day for everyone but your Mama..that sweet, sweet face!

    I first wrote to you because of the post about your Mom in your garden. It touched me so then and now, here we are so many posts later and I know we are kindred spirits because I also adore hearing my kids raiding the fridge with friends when they are home.

    Family. Pure blessings.

    Don't forget the "before" photos of the rooms before you rip them apart. We all want to see every detail. : 0



  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I called my Canadian friend today to wish her the same. Isn't it a great holiday? I am loving the table you set. It looks delicious.

    xo M

  8. I just realized it sounded like I said a special day for everyone BUT your Mama..bad punctuation. I meant a special day for everyone , and OH but that sweet face of your Mama, just tugged at my heart! What a dufus I am....My son is always chiding me for my shortcut typing and speech, and this one sure was a blunder.

    Of course she had a wonderful time! I must pay attention or at least check copy. : (



  9. Your table looks so lovely, Chania. I'm glad you could get together with the family and your dear Mom and catch up. Sounds divine!

  10. Your beautifully set table reflects the wonderful family you were surely surrounded by and the picture of your sweet mother's smile confirms it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. happy thanksgiving Chania!! everything looks beautiful ESPECIALLY your mother's smile! have a good week,

  12. Happy Thanksgiving... and what a beautiful post... it sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving. Lx

  13. Your Thanksgiving meal together sounded so special. I love your pictures - but the one that took my eye the most was the one of your mother - she has such a lovely serene gentle face. The picture below her picture is how I imagine her when she was young!

  14. Such a warm-hearted post and a lovely table setting. A day that will give you happy memories.

  15. What a gorgeous table and a gorgeous Mom! So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Kit

  16. Hello Chania....!

    I'm GLAD to hear your Thanksgiving was enjoyed with family, Friends & strays....!

    Your table looked SENSATIONAL & your sweet Mum did indeed look very HAPPY....I LOVE that she can still smile over the 'antics' of the younger generation....!!

    Take care Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  17. It sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving - a pretty table, yummy food, and best of all family and friends gathered around to enjoy each other. I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving. We always go to the cottage and enjoy the fall leaves as well.

  18. It sounds like you had a beautiful day filled with so many memories. Those are the days to treasure. I hope your mother enjoyed it as well. Your table setting was gorgeous!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the reno :)

  19. I have a little knot in my throat reading about your mama and how she quietly enjoys all the action taking place around her.
    Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so happy to read that you had all of your family with you to celebrate.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving Chania! I loved seeing your your Mum smiling away!!! She looks so happy! What a sweet soul she is!
    You, love, are a WONDERFUL daughter! :)
    Health and happiness!
    -Getting me all teary eyed reading your blog... once again.

  21. Lovely dinnertable. And what a blessing your sweet mum can still enjoy this with you and your family.

  22. Oh my, what a lovely holiday you've just described and photographed. You captured the essence of the holidays, and I can't wait for holidays in the United States to begin.


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