Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Give Me Valium

I was at the drug store the other day waiting for a prescription.
The Pharmacist called to me.  "Mrs Allen, Gracie's prescription is ready".  Nowadays, they always come and talk to you and describe the side effects and risks.  I hate this as there are aways other people around who then know that you have foot rot or a pain pill habit.

" So Gracie is around 16" he said.
"Yes, I can't remember her exact birthday....around mid November"
"Has she had Valium before"
"No, but we've tried about 5 other sedatives.  Nothing is working.  She's jumpy and silly and thinks night is day.  She's making me crazy"
"This may make her dizzy and sleepy"
"OK, I'll make her sleep on the living room floor, I don't want her coming up stairs"
"It may make her extra thirsty"
"Hmnn that could be a problem, I don't want her drinking more at night"
"Good Luck, I hope it works"
"Can I take one if it doesn't?"

And then you turn to leave and see the faces of all the people in the queue waiting for their own drugs, who now think you are a psycho mother with a bad ass daughter whose birthday you can't even remember.

When in fact, your dear old Gracie dog, who is turning 16 and has doggie Alzheimer's, has switched her days and nights and wakes me up at 4:30 every morning and barks at us when we read or watch TV, is driving us nuts.  We need a little help for her to sleep through the night because I am getting agitated and worn out.  And we need her to be a little calmer and less antsy during her "Arsenic Hour". 
The Pharacist knew Gracie was a dog and just smiles.


  1. Poor Gracie...poor you.
    Hope it works...and a pox on those who make judgments without knowing 'the rest of the story'.

  2. I'm sorry Gracie is out of sorts. We have a dog who is on Phenobarbitol for seizures. I have to get it from the pharmacist. A little embarrassing. But I explain that it is for a K9!

  3. ~~never explain yourself I say let them wonder~~

  4. Chania, So sad to hear that you have to go to such great lengths to settle down Gracie. Your such a good Mommy to you little dog :)

    ehh! don't even care what others think of you, I just look away without a care in the world. So many bigger things to worry about then judgmental people. With all your dealing with and your sleepness nights, I bet you almost feel like taking one of Gracies doggy pills :) Take a deep breath, relax, we support you dear one! That's all you need.

    take care!

  5. Hilarious story!! Love it.

    xo M

  6. Hahahahaha!! great story !! i hope it helps your cuty dog....good luck !! and i hope you sleep tonight....hugs and love Ria....

  7. Poor Gracie and poor sleepless you...

    You know me, I'm roaming most nights so I do understand how crazed you can become when the day/night gets flipped.

    Hope it works. Too bad we can't just give them chamomile tea and a lavender bath. :0



  8. Hope you and your little one get some sleep tonight......:)
    Nite Gracie!
    Health and happiness!

  9. Love it! I hope poor Gracie finds some relief and you do as well! Our Kylee was at the vet with some pretty major heart issues yesterday, and like a bad bad dog mommy I thought she was going to turn 11 in January, until the vet informed me she'll only be 10...sigh!

    Kat :)

  10. OMW Chania! I busted out with laughter when I read this! I have had similar conversations with pharmacists! When I turn to leave I just look the eavesdropper(s) in the eye and smile as I walk away leaving them to wonder.

    ~ Tracy

  11. How funny, I think you should have added some extra detail just to give those nosy people something to really talk about!
    My French Country Home

  12. OMG!! You have the best sense of humor. Great chuckle, but sorry your Gracie is having issues. Kit

  13. Hope this helps your Gracie! I loved this story - it's always good to keep people guessing... Get some sleep. Ann

  14. I did not know that a people pharmacy gave out pills to dogs...hope she get some relief (or You).

  15. Love the pharmacy story:) But poor Gracie and poor you! Hope you all got some rest last night! ~ Tina xx

  16. Cute story :-) I know what it's like to have an older dog. Kylie used to wake us up every morning somewhere between 3:30AM-4:30AM to go out. Although sometimes she didn't wake us up, and she'd pee in the house. Ugh!! She was also on doggie Prozac at one point. She was a very unique dog :-)

    I hope the Valium works for Gracie -- if not, maybe you should pop one or two!!

    Good luck!!


  17. Oh my goodness! I just laughed so hard! Thank you for that post! (I hope Gracie gets to sleeping more!)

  18. I can remember many a night sleeping on the kitchen floor with my old dog Chloe during that last month of her life...I think she loved me even more for that. God bless old dogs.

  19. What a great story! You are SOOO describing my parents old dog who is blind and deaf and keeps mum up most nights. I must mention this to her. I hope Gracie settles down :)

  20. This is just priceless !
    Such a well told story :)

    I am so sorry you are having this problem with Gracie. I have a Pup who is getting older.. old. His legs are bothering him right now so I tend to him as if he were a wobbly baby, and I have to find a pharmacist as sweet as yours, who also understands English !
    Wishing Gracie and your family Good Luck !

  21. On your next visit to the chemists be sure to say, in a good carrying voice, that Gracie is such a lovely bitch - that should give the listeners something to chew on!
    Wishing you both a good nights sleep.

  22. Oh my gosh...too funny,you made me laugh out loud!! I have heard funny stories like this before and of course I work at S.D.M. in cosmetics,love this post!!! Hope you are well,Chrissy

  23. How funny. I sure hope it helps Gracie. Bless her little heart.


  24. Hysterical! Is it wrong to wish my cat needed valium so I could do the same thing. Seriously, I need your help. I've been trying to go back through all the blogs I follow to find the one that had a recent post about a pretty new kitchen rug. Was that you? Thank you.

  25. You seem to be one of the really great people that adores her pet.They are worth the time you give them-because in the end they are the ones who give you unconditional love.Kourtney


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