Friday, July 23, 2010

Bits On My Messy Desk

I am quite nosy.  I like to see peoples stuff. 
Particularly their desks....People tend have their personal bits and pieces around them more than other areas of the house.

These are some Bits on my desk. 
 Handpainted footed Italian bowl.....for stamps, post it notes etc. 
An old silver sugar bowl holds pens.
Bunny Rabbit pottery-I bought this at an art gallery in Old Montreal. 
 He holds paper clips, eye glasses and staples.
I like to surround myself with little Bits.
 like this Wobbly Knee Cow-a romantic gift from my husband.
Scraps of Ribbon
....I am planning to do a piece of art with monogrammed ribbons with brand names such as
 Crabtree and Evelyn, Tiffany Birks etc.
  I have asked people to save me their lettered ribbons from special packages.

I collect rabbit figures....the one on the right is made from paper machean an old chocolate mold.
The ears got broken off the other one
...but he's still very cute

You can see what awful hand writing I have.
Fiber Artist Susan Lemz sent me this gorgeous book mark.
She machine stitched all these threads to a piece of cardboard and made a feather design.
I am going to frame it
....the colors are Lovely.


  1. Hi Chania,
    Your desk is alot cuter than mine!

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. that fab stuff is on your desk?!? Geez...My desk is not fit to photograph, but I blame it on my husband and his complete disinterest in dealing with bills once they've been paid.

  3. that bunny pot is absolutely wonderful. so unique. a great thing to have on your desk....

  4. my best friend's daughter is a fabric artist in Vancouver. She did a whole series on people's junk drawers. Her belief...everyone has a place where they keep the stuff that defines them, for some it's a drawer, for her mother, it was her car. She gave my daugher and son in law a framed picture of what she believed their junk 'drawer' to be...Nelson's pocket, as a wedding gift. Love this insight. Your 'drawer' must be your 'messy desk'.

  5. lol... is that Canadian Tire money I see? Funny how that stuff is found in the weirdest places all over the house eh?

  6. Chania! you have given us a glimpse into your was a fun little tour..thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Hi Chania, I'm a sticky beak too and like to see glimpses into people's lives. When I was little we had adverts in magazines in Aus for Glomesh handbags and they showed the contents of people's bags all spilled out - I thought they were fabulous!

  8. Me too! I'm quite nosy and always want to see what's on people desks. Thanks for showing us yours. I've enjoyed seeing your bits and pieces, especially that darling bunny.

  9. Desk LOVE! :) Yours is wonderful!
    Happy weekend,

  10. such a cute collection chania - those rabbits are awesome : )



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