Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sulla Strada-And I Am Not Even a Tiny Bit Embarrassed.

As part of Project Genesis, (A project to find ways to make the world a better place, use less and do less damage) I wanted to show you some of my real treasures. 
Pieces that I have in my home or cottage that I absolutley love and would never get rid of.

All of them we found Sulla Strada......I will explain at then end of this post....

This gorgeous wrought iron Potting Stand weighs an absolute ton.  The perfect 1950's green paint makes it perfect for the cottage next to my little green deck chair.
I love the arches....I wonder who designed it....I use it to house my shell collection.
I bring back shells from holiday and put them in jars.  These are my Cuban shells in that jar on the left.

This art deco dresser is used in my spare bedroom.  It has beautiful carving and match booked veneers.
Carved feet and burled walnut.....

One of my favourite chairs....a Chinese Chippendale bamboo side chair.
Re-upholstered in a scrap of RM Coco animal print....

This plaster mirror in my living room also weighs an absolute ton. 
It came with a restoration and auction number on the back....
It works well with the scrubby old table...a perfect juxtaposition.

The bed on the left is an old metal bed that came complete with side rails.
It is an old Simmons bed frame.
It beacme the perfect mate for another twin bed at the cottage.
I have 2 of these cement flower urns that greet my guests at my front entry.

SO,  How is this in keeping with Project Genesis?????  Is this not consumption.....albeit vintage recycled items.????

My Secret...All of these things were found Sulla Strada.....


Yes, put out for Trash.  Garbage.  Rubbish.
And all rescued from the landfill site.

One mans junk........anothers treasure.
I have not an ounce of shame or embarassment stopping my car and hauling anything off the road.

If you want to see more Road Finds.  Take a look at the blog of Tamarah who is the absolute queen of Sulla Strada.  You can visit her blog here.

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  1. Beautiful finds Chania, and so great that you were able to turn one man's trash into your treasures!

    Kat :)

  2. I love this name!

    so classy!

    almost as classy as me getting out of my car to rescue a butcher block island out for trash in front of dozens of other Moms dropping their kids off at elementary school. What was NOT classy is I was in mismatched short Pajamas with fuzzy slippers in the pouring rain making my poor totally embarrassed daughter help me hoist into the trunk....

    It is still my kitchen island. : )



  3. I LOVE IT!!!! There are so many wonderful pieces out there that are just waiting for someone special to pick them up, give them some TLC... and a whole new perspective.:)

    Blessings to you! Your finds are fabulous!!!


  4. How amazing that you found these treasures on the side of the road!! That deco dresser is stunning! WOW :)

  5. OH MY WORD! I don't know which one I love more! I'm a little speechless because they're all so fabulous. Each piece works so well in your home too.
    I love to set things on the curb in front of my house and watch the people stop and load it into their car ~ It's a good feeling to know how excited they must be...
    Isn't it interesting too that found items on the side of the road items can be some of your most favorite ~
    This was a fun post!

    Sarah :)

  6. I am in love with that green table! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  7. What finds! You're a star. I particularly love the green table and chairs with your shell collection - cute! Jane :)

  8. Wonderful, Chania! I've been known to stop and pick things up at the side of the road myself. I have also asked to take useable things home from the local landfill on occasion, but they adamantly refuse. I've watched beautiful pieces of furniture be crushed under the tracks of a giant bulldozer...such a waste!

    I enjoyed reading your profile..I emigrated from Northern Ireland to Canada, and have visited Nairobi briefly before doing the tour of game parks. I just started a travel blog as well to put up some of my Africa pictures.

    Thank you so much for sharing your great finds and your charming home...

  9. Beautiful post! Full of inspiration! I am trying to stop and say hi to all my favoritet blogs! Hello dear friend! Have a wonderful day !~lulu

  10. Hi Chania, did you know your email isn't working? I just tried to send you some information about the secret post club and it bounced back saying it had permanently failed. have you changed it? Can you let me have another email address where I can get hold of you?. thanks, Heather

  11. Chania - that is the last word in chic. I love everything you've put together on those finds of yours.

  12. You certainly know how to transform things! everything always looks so stylish! I couldn't choose a favourite, although I do have a passion for art deco x

  13. Absolutely love them all Chania, and even more so for being roadside finds! I wish our local council would start up a kerbside collection! We do visit our rubbish tip shop every weekend though :-) Wishing you a wonderful week my dear friend ~ Txx

  14. O wow....but please tell me that art deco dresser?? did you find it on the street????????......i like your post today...happy Ria.......

  15. What beautiful pieces, I love all of them but the beautiful old beds with the patchwork quilts are gorgeous.
    Ann x

  16. Chania I LOVE it....Sulla Strada...."on the right track"....INDEED....Sounds much nicer than Hard Rubbish & HR....Do you mind if I borrow it.... :o) ??

    Of course I ADORE all of the pieces you've shown & would have snapped up each one myself in a HEARTBEAT had I been lucky enough to spy them on the kerb....I LOVE how you've used them throughout your home....Especially the deco dresser....It's just AWESOME & looks so handsome paired with the dark frames....!!

    That's one of the things I enjoy so much about rescuing stuff off the side of the road....The range of goods & possibilities are endless....We really are only limited by our imaginations....!

    THANKS Chania for another WONDERFUL post....!

    Sulla Strada....Sulla Strada....Viva la SULLA STRADA....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  17. Enjoyed your post and seeing your treasures!!


  18. wowza! your finds are fantastic!! the only piece of furniture that i picked up on the side of the road was a bean bag chair. my kids (teens at the time) were mortified!! we went to the mall and came back to the car, with bean bag inside...and oh, the smell of cat urine!!!! we promptly found the nearest dumpster to throw it away.
    you have been very lucky in your finds!

  19. Gorgeous finds and great reuse!!!

  20. Chania, I absolutely love your eclectic decorating style. Gorgeous dresser, I adore (yes I said adore) pretty much anything from the Art Deco movement.

  21. No way! can not believe it! Love those, especially the bamboo chair!

  22. great finds!! sometimes the best treasures are found that way

  23. Amazing! I have a few of those found treasures myself, will share in a post, sometime soon~

    I love how you have incorporated them into your personal space n' style! Gorgeous~

  24. As far as I'm concerned...all the furniture we all need, has already been made long time ago. There is really no need to build anymore furniture and your treasures and your sense of style are prove of it!!!

  25. Good for you! I am not embarassed to pick up something that has been put by the curb for garbage day pick up either. If it's half decent and can be repurposed - you were meant to find it!

  26. Go Chania! You certainly have an eye for things which are worth salvaging. I still can't believe someone would discard an art deco dresser like that!

  27. Kudos to you!!! What great finds, and great for our planet to give something another chance at making a new home beautiful. I love curb finds, the perfect recycling! Theresa

  28. Hello my friend,
    Curb finds are the best! My art deco vanity was on the curb and I just finished painting it tonight. I love everything you have as your taste is brilliant!


  29. Lovely pieces.. all of them.. I know the council cleanups here get 'cleaned' long before the official truck comes along.. I just love the art decor piece.. fabulous.. xx Julie

  30. Wow, you have great taste! I love the two twin beds and the blue chest! Your places looks whimsical.

    xo Marcie

  31. I would love to take a ride with you and see what we find on the road. Those are amazing finds!!! And your home is lovely and inviting.
    Have a great week,

  32. hi there

    Great finds!! Just wanted you to know that I gave you the Sunshine award today on my blog!

  33. Chania,
    I just love that painted tool of the trade box... as well as that drop leaf barley twisted legged table fabulous!!
    Thank you so much for your visit and always loving your comments. I wish I too was there to help you with your center island, yet you did not need my help it was fabulous!!!

    I will visit you soon stealing some inspiration from you :)

  34. I love the potting stand. Fancy finding that at the edge of the road... although last week I stripped down this horrible tall boy that had a nasty orange varnish on it. I rubbed it down and waxed it and it looks great. Found it in a skip 4 years ago. Was my only piece of furniture back then.

  35. It's all in what you call it! Brillian Raz!

  36. Oh what fabulous finds! I have picked up and put out, it is recycling at its finest!

    Your home is lovely and to think so much is found treasures, you have quite a lovely touch. Now I need to go get in the car and scout around, tomorrow is trash day in my neighborhood!

  37. So wonderful treasures, all of them!!!!


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