Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hey! Would you like me to look after your Shop??

A gorgeous Parlour Table, Farmhouse Table and Brass Birdcage

We have some lovely new Bits in the shop this week following a fabulous jaunt to the country about 2 hours away, where we were actually left not only in charge of a shop, but the owners kid. 
 This shop owner is getting to know us now, knowing we like Farmhouse and Peeling Paint, Old and Faded and anything Scrubby.  He showed us a few things in the yard, however we couldn't go in because his dogs were out and we weren't allowed near them.  He mentioned that he had another piece for us down the road in a friends shed.  Lorraine, being the fearless outspoken one asked him if he could go get it. 

He agreed and told us to watch the shop......oh and the Kid.  The boy went to the attic (a wonderful treasure trove of goodies) while we kept shop.  All of a sudden Lorraine starts running from the shop yelling ans screaming "GET OUT GET OUT, RUN!!!".  I look to my left and see with horror that the dogs have gotten into the house through to the shop. They are growling, lifitng the corner of their lip. I ran clamboring over old doors, bottles and furniture through this crazy chock-a-blog full shop making it outside just in time.  Lorraine and I were outside the shop, pushing the door shut, while 2 large dogs jumped against it barking and snarling at us.

All of a sudden I said "oh my God, the Kid, he's in the shop".  I was panicking thinking of the Boy coming down from the attic and the dogs being there. My heart stopped, I kept saying Oh My God the Kid, the Kid!!!  Lorraine was saying the dogs must be Ok with the boy...(they were).  The Kid suddenly appears at the door with an odd look on his face, somewhat fearful...... but of us, not the dogs.  Fearful that he is now in the care of these 2 screaming, panicking women.  At the same time the owner comes back to find Lorraine and I outside his shop holding the door shut with all our might. He looked at us as if we were mad city women, which partly we were.  We asked him if they would have attacked us....he laughed and said "They won't do anything unless you RUN." 

 Anyway, we got several beautiful tables, but could only bring 2 home so will show the others when we pick them up.  One is a farmtable that he said he dragged through a field for 100 meters.  The other is a lovely parlour table with a faded black to grey paint.  We also got this old brass birdcage which has a gorgeous patina.
Dash and Albert Cotton Rugs.

Our first shipment of Dash and Albert rugs arrived, all pretty and country and fresh.  We displayed them in old rusty milk crates.
Pine Cone Hill Linens

We also got our shipment of Pine Cone Hill linens which we love.  Watch for my own bedroom makeover with the new linens soon.

So thats is for this week.  We hope to get a new load next week. If you could like us to come and mind your shop, you know how to reach us.........


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha

    I'm sorry, I am still laughing at the image of you "mature" women running like banshees through the shop, probably screaming at the same time and then holding the door closed as if there were "Raptor" dinosaurs inside.


    still chuckling- sorry, but c'mon it IS funny!

    Pine Cone Hill Linens? oh my swoon!


  2. Well it is kinda funny Chania...can't help but chuckle. Someday, somehow, some way, I am gonna visit your shop:)


  3. He He He, thats a very funny story, I love it!!! Love your blog!!!

  4. Wow Chania, glad you both were ok, and the "kid" too of course! What a crazy day, but it looks like it was well worth it! And I LOVE Dash and Albert rugs, I have several in my house, not to mention all of your beautiful Pine Cone Hill linens! I can't wait to see your bedroom!

    Kat :)

  5. Oh my goodness, what a story!! Glad it turned out well but you descibed it so well - I could picture the scene so clearly! I love the birdcage :)

  6. Oh no. You guys are hilarious - never a dull moment when you're treasure hunting. Clearly it's always worth it!x

  7. Heavens ta Mergatroid Chania....Last week you were relaxing (busily) at the cottage & this week your being chased by a pack of rabid dogs in fear of your life....I'm sure the juxtaposition can't be good for you & am ordering (as per the good Doctor) you imbibe in a glass or two of Chardy to restore the balance toot sweet....hahahahaha....SEERIOUSLY though....I think If I'd been there I may have wet myself....!!

    I'm DROOLING lustfully over the scrubbiness of the farmhouse table AND the birdcage.... ** sigh ** Oh & the cotton rugs look GORGEOUS....!!

    Now I'm off to find my own Chardy to calm my nerves after reading your post....hahahahahaha....!

    Take care lovey & have a HUGE (but relaxing) weekend....!

    Cheers from TOO FAR away,
    Tamarah ;o)

  8. LOL! Now that must have been some expierence and laugh to remember. My daughter had a similar incident happen to her. We went over to visit my sister in the states a couple of years ago and she had this big white husky "beautiful" dog. Anyways my daughter was 11 at that time she went to the backyard thinking the dog was not around since she didn't see it and when she saw it she was running all over the backyard back and forth, while my sister was yelling don't run don't run but did she listen NOOOOOO I think she was really scared and she kept on while all the yelling was going on she tripped and fell on her face, can't help but laugh everytime I remember. The dog just stopped in front of her and looked at her, when she turned she saw the dog look at her funny and she just stayed still. She did learn not to run and just ignore the dog. Reading your post reminded me of that day, oh my did we laugh till our insides hurt. Great memory though. Glad it all turned out well for you guys.


  9. I know you must have been terrified, and worried about the kid...but your post did make me laugh!

  10. Chania, how funny all this!!!! Just to remind us how life can change quickly from one day to another. Love the bird cage, the table, lines. Going to check your store now!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Li :-)

  11. Hi Chania, I am cracking up reading your post. I am terrified of big dogs so I would have been doing the same thing. Glad you made it out in one piece and with some great purchases.
    Hugs, Sherry

  12. oh man, this just cracked me up big time! in like a gazmillion pieces!!

    oh how i wish i had been a fly on the wall to see all this. way too funny! jxx


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