Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cottage Kitchen Reveal

The newly painted kitchen.

The bones of this cottage were so good when we bought it, I couldn't believe that it had languished on the market for 2 summers with absolutely no offers.  Everything had been upgraded a few years before, but perhaps not with the most up to date materials.
Kitchen before-a bit of an ugly duckling for sure....
After-same cupboards, coat of paint.
Before: Loads un knotty pine.  Two Eyesores on one wall...the furnace and the electrical box
After-Painted winscotting.Farrow and Ball Strong White.  Wall color Farrow and Ball Light Blue
After-  Paint By Behr.  Color Taylor's Chalk by Martha Stewart
Looking through to the dining room.  Although only 900 sq ft, this room makes the place feel huge.
I found that old ladder at my favorite shop:The Lofty Lion.  Vintage oil paintings $12.00 - $35.00.
The vintage cabinet holds my McCoy pottery
The bench is from Romania-something I purchased on impulse and now regret. Somewhat.
It just serves as a shelf for my magazines and books.
On the other side, I put this cabient here to house bowls, jam, and other bits that wouldn't fit in the cupboards.  I use all the vintage bowls.  I bought everything for the kitchen, except for a few mugs, glasses and pots and pans, second hand.  All the cutlery, plates, bowls, mixing bowls etc are used or made by local potters.
The electrical cabinet now fades away, distracted by the cabinet and shelf.
I bought this white cabinet on my birthday 2 years ago.  It has no glass, but I find it easier to get my stuff in and out.  The yellow chair I have had for donkeys years.  My father in law shook his head at that purchase and the crackled painted finish that he thought was absolute crap. 
I collect old canning jars.  Very handy as they look pretty and keep the odd roaming
cottage mouse away.
  I found this very old and possibly Quebecois shelf at the Hospital garage sale last weekend. Along with some other dishware and Christmas decorations, I made a donation of $40.00 for the lot. 
Looking back into the kitchen.  I am told by the neighbor that the original wood floors lie underneath this peel and stick tile under a layer of plywood.  When all of our renters are done in the fall, we are going to expose the wood floors.
The cabinet hardware was the most expensive thing in the whole kitchen costing $210.00 for 23 glass and brushed nickel knobs and 10 drawer pulls.  I tried many online sources but these ones were the ones I loved and were in stock.  I have no patience so I like stock items.
Removing the counters was not in the budget, so I painted them with Melamine paint.
  So far holding up OK. Not delicate at all which is good when you rent it out.  I don;t want renters to have to be fussy over my finishes.
And then, there's all those things I have collected for years.  Globes, measuring cups, scales, jars.  They all found a home out of the way of Blake who hates things not useful or practical!
The rug is a Dash and Albert Indoor/Outdoor rug (you can hose them down) from the Razmataz shop.

This is the last room to be finished.  Now the projects are all done, I suggested that we look for another old dog and flip this one.  So far, I have yet to convince Blake of that.....This one was so much fun because there are few design sources around this area, so making do with old, second hand and vintage finds from all the local sources was so much part of the enjoyment.


    I don't have any other worda to describe this Fabulous job! Love every piece of it! Wish you could help me with mine here...
    Enjoy this lovely kitchen with lots of nice and inspiring cooking!
    Li :-)

  2. Chania,

    I agree Gorgeous! It really is- so cozy and yet stylish and hip. You have performed miracles- it's terrific. Let's see how many more adjectives I can use...

    I personally like the Romanian Bench. Like the pop of color on that wall. Maybe keep the books there but add a great literary quote across the top bridge?

    What an incredible place to rent....if wishes were horses....


  3. Chania it's simply perfect! All of your hard work has certainly paint off! I love all of the wonderful vintage pieces you've found and used! And I love your Romanian bench...why do you regret purchasing it?

    Kat :)

  4. Beautiful kitchen! I love the way you displayed everything very inspiring!!
    I love the romanian bench too.

  5. love, love, LOVE! i'm moving in...what a great job and i just love all the vintage touches and the fabric on the bar stools is to die for. this does NOT look like a rental at all. fantastic!

  6. Your cottage looks amazing. I love how the kitchen turned out. I love hearing about and seeing the results of painting kitchen cupboards as we are planning on doing ours this year! Great work Chania! xx

  7. Love love love the upholstery on those seats... how fantastic. And the island is sooo great! Really great makeover.

  8. It really is fantastic what you did. It is not the same room at all. You've created a warm and comforting space. And I like that you re-purposed and recycled materials to achieve your 'new' kitchen. Love it!

  9. Hi Chania, what a fabulous makeover it looks great. You definitely have a flair for this sort of thing. Well done!

  10. Chiana you are such an inspiration. The Cottage looks utterly charming! and I love your Romanian bench!

  11. Hi Chania,

    your makeover is fab-u-lous. I love the colour of the bench and the lovely wooden top, it is perfect...I also love the little cream cabinet mounted on the wall.

    Isn't it amazing what a coat of paint can do? Bye for now, Tamara from Australia :)

  12. Love it Chania. Beautiful transformation. Paint makes such a difference. So much brighter. It's a cheerful kitchen. Love it!

  13. So much passion time and work....well done!!!!!

  14. If I could, I would buy this from you in a heartbeat and move right in - with all your stuff! It looks BEAUTIFUL! It's beyond beautiful and I can't say enough about the finishes and the way you decorated it. I love love love the island! Even more after all the work with the faux treatment. :) I don't know why you would regret the bench...I think that's most perfect thing in the room - I love it and it's color.
    You are so talented - would you like to come work some magic on the little cabin we own. It's not beachy but a fishing cabin in the woods that I would love to be beachy!
    Thanks for the tour!

  15. Wow, wow, wow! I am LOVING this kitchen. The hardware is stunning, love white cabinet, and LOVE the rustic tabletop of that island.

    Excellent job!

    xo Marcie

  16. Dang! That IS fun. This is a magazine-worthy kitchen. Can you magically pop in to my house and fix mine? It's a horrendous nightmare (we bought this house from my grandmother, who hadn't updated it since the 50's).

  17. Chania, you have done a wonderful transformation here. I like that you used second hand furniture for the most part. It feels warm and cozy. The kitchen is 150% better white. Very well done. olive♥

  18. I love everything that you've done to that little cottage. The kitchen certainly looks much improved lightened up. Must have been that picture the previous owners left behind, that left the cottage on the market so long. Buyers would just snap it up now if they had the chance (Cottage of course, not the picture :>)

  19. Wow - what a transformation, Chania! White cupboards in a kitchen are just the best and really make it look light and bright and airy. Your eclectic way of decorating is just charming! And don't you just adore your D&A rug? They so rock!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  20. I love everything about this charming little cottage, absolutely everything!


  21. I just found your blog this evening! I love what you did to your cabinets. I have been debating doing that to ours and it was great to see your "after" shots. I am feeling way more comfortable seeing how great they can look.
    Your room looks amazing.

  22. So beautiful Chania!! What a difference paint makes - love all of your colour choices. Your vintage finds add so much charm - I really must visit your store and maybe go "hunting" with you one day!

  23. so beautiful! love that island transformation. hope you are having a great week...verbena cottage

  24. What a transformation, I can't believe it's the same kitchen ! The things you have found are wonderful. I think the bench is lovely. The cupboard looks great with the shelf above, good idea.
    Ann x

  25. It's really, really wonderful! What a transformation. Oh, look! That's what the person before me said! That's because it is very true. I love your touches and your chair and the new dining room table and the center island - really love that - and, I LOVE the Romanian bench!!! It's that one odd piece that a room needs to make it soar! (i wish that i could finally figure out where to keep my magazines.) Just a lovely job!

    Love, katy

  26. Gorgeous transformation. you have so many beautiful pieces. I wouldn't doubt that bench - I like the dark punch it adds!

  27. What a triumph chania!! absolutely stunning change! jx

  28. Oooh, what a wonderful surprise to find this post. I have been waiting for it. What a beautiful transformation. Those lucky, lucky renters who get to live there for a bit. I'm in love with the repurposed doors on the island, that gorgeous bench (hey, at least your magazines and books are not piled up all over the floor), and the white cabinet. Great styling, as usual.

  29. Absolutely amazing! You have a great eye and did such a great job on this. I think you should flip a house too!
    Peter and I talked about this from a renovations standpoint - we think it would be fun but it could get ugly if you're going for the renovation side of things.

  30. Love it all!....the bench too. ;)

  31. What a transformation. I am in love with your island unit. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as paint can make such a difference? I love how you've arranged your things - it really looks stunning.

  32. What a great transformation. I for one love the Romanian bench and your paint colours and effects are really great.

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