Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo Contest=Call for Entries

Simple stairs to the lake...picture by me

I absolutely love simplicity.  Photos that tell a story, but have a clean, bare bones feel.  An object without adornment or pretense.

If you peel back the layers of almost anything,
it is the underlying beauty of something in it's most basic form,
that is the most striking.

If you have a photo that illustrates this point, send it to me.. You can give a little explanation if you wish. my email is

I will then pick one that I feel represents the Beauty of Simplicity and the winner will receive something simple and beautiful as a prize. Deadline Aug 1. I will post the entries over theweek of August 1st.

Monotone.  Picture by me.

Simple Adornment with paint...Picture by me.

There are so many talented phoyographers out there in blogland, I thought it would be nice to see some of the great photos.  I already have some incredible entries.

Weathered Wood....Picture by me.


  1. Hi Chania, what a wonderful idea! I have send my entry to you, cheers, Tamara

  2. i sent some too :0)
    love these images.....
    have i told you lately, how lucky you are to live by the water...this waterbaby is craving it!!
    can't wait to see the entries!

  3. I've been waiting to see....LOVE this idea...
    I want to dangle my tootsies off that dock into the water...hopefully no sheeps head fish like my brother caught? haha


  4. Chania, a darling idea. Now would I dare enter? olive♥

  5. I love this Chania...I have a problem "seeing" a good photo. No issues with feeling one.
    And so this exercise will focus my eyes to find something clean and clear and simple. Thank you for doing this.

  6. Love this contest! Love-Love-Love this blog! So happy you stopped by today, so that I could discover YOU!

  7. I don't think I have anything to enter, but your photos are beautiful.

  8. I have sent you some but can;pt remember about what they were ... I so like this pictures in this post, but my favorite is the one with that little blue;ish boat ;)


I love to read each and every comment and are thrilled that you take the time to send one. Thank you so much. Chania