Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Urban Sprawl

I was Faffing Around on Tamarack Island on the Bruce Peninsula and came across these rows of bird houses.......a little surburb of charming bird cottages.....
Dozens and dozens of them....all on the fence posts of a local farm...
Tin roofs, turrets, willow porches, cedar shingles.....the architecture was varied...
The creativity was amazing.....was it a school project, a contest?  The work of a lone architect..?
I have no idea.  There was no sign......just the birds.
If I had to make an offer, it would be on this African inspired (maybe because I was born in Kenya) village hut with guest hut.  Made from a tin ceiling tile......
Wouldn't this make a great community project....???


  1. I bet that was an amazing sight to come across! It's just beautiful...
    There's a lady in town who has a huge Martin house that looks exactly like her own house, right down to the red flower boxes. I've always loved that birdhouse.... :)

    Enjoy today!

  2. My first blog visit this morning, and I'm wearing a smile, Chania! I clicked on your mosaic image to take a closer look. Each one is wonderful by itself - and in a little town of their own, they are most inspiring!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  3. *~smile~*

    That would be a lovely sight to come across! I would love to know the story behind them!


  4. I definitely think you need that one that reminds you of Kenya, maybe if you told them your story, they would be so kind as to give it to you. Just a thought!


  5. You have beautiful photograpy..what a great curious photo opportunity!

  6. What gorgeous little houses!

  7. Hello Chania love....!!!

    I'm FABULOUSLY behind on my reading at the moment & MISSED reading your posts as they appear....!! I LOVE the pics of these little birdhouses....Seeing them put a BIG smile on my face & smoothed the crease in my brow I've had for the last few days so THANK YOU big time for that.... :o) !!

    My FAVE was #7 in your first pic....!!!

    I hope as always you're having a GREAT week....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Love the birdhouses, they are so cute...if I could only have 1 I'd be happy :) Tamara

  9. Utterly charming ♥
    Love birds. Love birdhouses. Love the way the houses are all lined up.

    Jane T.

  10. How charming indeed! This would be something that would make me gasp and take pictures forever!
    Thanks for posting!

  11. I'm in love, what a lovely little bird village. I need a little village of birdhouses like that { perfect for little wrens }. Take Care, Carrie


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