Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Evening Walk in Canadian Cottage Country

Love the galvanized metal and tuquoise against the grey stones.

I always love to catch a glimse of other parts through the blogs I read.  I thought you may like to see some photos of Georgian Bay.  You can sail from Lake Huron right over to Georgian Bay and come have tea on the cottage porch.  So you Michigan readers, that's an invitation. You can come for tea of you arrive by car too.!

I took all of these photos on my evening walk, when the lighting has an odd vibrancy, making the colors sharp and almost glowy.
Looking out to the point.  The dimming sun makes everthing grey.  Around the point a little is the Cape Croker Indian Reserve....one of the most beautiful pieces of land around.  Next time I go I will take photos.
The homeowners make paths of large rocks so they can walk down to the lake.
This was Canada Day weekend.....I think this guys needs a new flag.  It looks like he is on a deserted island and hung his boxers on a tree.!
A good old fashioned row boat....
This old floating dock looked so vibrant against the rocks....
A path of wildflowers beckons to the lake...
All along the beach, people have fashioned seating and campfires from the wood and rocks...I love these primitive little benches..
I try to carry one rock back each time I walk for my garden...
This is the best spot for star gazing at night because it is so dark...this little row of trees creep me out at night....they look like people...
It was almost dark, but this delphinium was almost glowing in the dusk....no flash used.
The view from my favorite cottage..
And this is my favorite cottage.....an old farmhouse with stone chimney and a wrap around porch.
You can follow this trail from Niagara Falls to Tobormory...
Back at the docks, the boats are coming in for the night....
Mama duck watching out over her young.  I love how the masts create "Ribbons" on the water.

I hope you enjoyed the scenery. I took some photos of some of the cottages too, and will post them another day.  I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and Canada Day here in Canada and the US, and your summers are off to a good start. (Sorry my Aussie friends....not trying to make you feel bad.  Remember, when we are in the dead of Winter, we are reading all of your summer posts)


  1. What a beautiful place, thank you for taking us on a gorgeous walking tour, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

  2. I know, we are right on the Michigan border and I want to visit there so badly. What a beautiful serene place.


  3. Lovely Raz. I went to Niagra Falls once, and got very wet. That's all I saw though - just the falls. The rest looks good.

  4. Your images are gorgeous! I just love these! The boat and dock are my favorites. If you want, pick your favorite and email it to me, and I will include it in my Wonderful Weekend series.

    xo Marcie

  5. the water is so peaceful you have to post some picture in the winter so we can see how rough it gets. I love watching the angry sea, this is probably pretty much the same. Is this what the Muskoka's are like?

  6. Or is this Muskoka?

  7. I thought your creepy people trees would creep me out too.

  8. Beautiful photos - such breathtaking scenery. I love the little rowboat.

  9. I love the evening sun on the water. I often go for walks or just sit outside and watch the colours change.

  10. Beautiful, serene photography, thankyou for sharing those.
    lauracurrie xx

  11. What great pictures, Chania. I looked at your master cottage bedroom makeover and nearly fainted. It made me immediately want to order my children to pick up their toys! I want to re-do my dad's bedroom, and your razzmatazz look is so comfy and pretty. I need to channel that...


  12. Love your photos. We have family in Owen Sound, Walkerton, and Meaford areas. We visit often and love Georgian Bay.

  13. You live in a beautiful area Chania and I think it is wonderful that you get out and enjoy it often! Your photos are very creative. Thanks for sharing them with us. xx

  14. Chania you crack me up! Loved your description of the tattered flag! I love the pop of the turquoise on the boat and the wildflower path to the lake.

    Thank you for the lovely stroll through the Canadian Cottage Country!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Wowie ... LOVE the pictures.

  16. Hi Chania
    these pictures are stunning, loved all those shades of blue and grey. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it very much, the scenery is beautiful !
    P.S. I've read Middlesex and I agree with you, it's an awesome book!

  17. What a gorgeous place, and your pictures made me feel like I was walking along with you!

    Kat :)

  18. Wow Chania, what beautiful photos. The light is stunning. Thank you for such a lovely stroll. I really got a sense of your beautiful part of the world. xx

  19. Simply gorgeous Chania! Love those benches :)

  20. You always make me feel better when I read your posts Chania. I love the pics. See what you mean about the flag :>)

  21. ...hahahahaha....That's AOK Chania....We don't begrudge you some nice weather....We're just happy 'Down Under' we don't have MONTHS of snow to contend with....!!!

    LOVED your pics....I think even Mr SVJ would enjoy some exercise if he had this lovely scenery to enjoy....!!

    THANKS for sharing....!

    Tamarah :o)

  22. Oh, how I loved this! Thank you - I had such a lovely time walking along with you!

  23. What gorgeous photos Chania! Thanks for taking us with you...
    You have a great gift of finding beauty!
    Just love your blog!
    Health and happiness,

  24. Thanks for the tour! I used to live close to Lake Michigan, and this makes me miss the lake (although where I lived is not as quaint as your little village). Your photographs are exquisite and convey the sense of being there. Lovely!


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