Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Over-Faux Finish- When You Just Don't Know When To Stop.!

I had an idea a while back.  I was going to panel the ugly island at the cottage to make it look old...like an old fixture re-used here in the kitchen.

Melissa from Cranberry Cottage Blog had a little meltdown yesterday, (read it here) wondering if other bloggers had things go wrong, if their houses were ever a mess, or if they were in a perpetual state of staged perfection.  So, I thought it timely to show my kitchen with stuff laying about and unflattering pictures of my project.
This is the before picture.  A standard Home Depot veneered ugly-pugly island. (that is not my furniture here or my decor)
And here is phase 1.  You may ask yourself "is that a door" nailed to the island and you would be correct in your assesment.  In my quest to use only re-used materials in the cottage, I came up with the idea to use old doors for my panelling.  Lorraine and her husband found me the perfect old door at a thrift shop for the back, we cut the window piece out and nailed it to the island.  I found 2 smaller panels at the Re-Use it Centre and used them for the ends.
Handy Ken, then filled the gaps with old barn board.
Last weekend, I attempted to paint it, adding layers of white, blue, brown.  The paint took to the barnboard areas much differently than the painted panels, however, and I couldn't get the look I wanted....so I kept going and going, obsessively added colors to "age" it.
After a dozen coats, it ended up with a Very Faux, Faux finish.  Over the top and completely overdone.  Not at all what I had in mind. 
I think it looks like,
 it was in
 a FIRE.


  1. It's nice to know that I'm also not the only one who has projects that don't always turn out, although yours doesn't seem quite as bad to me. Can't wait to see it completely done or should I say, "undone". Good luck, I'm sure you'll have it looking great in no time.

  2. I agree with Ginger, it's good to show the things that don't work out perfectly as well.
    I love your door used for panelling - what a great and intelligent idea.

  3. Ha, ha, ha... this made me laugh out loud. :) I love the door idea. And I don't think it looks that bad. Yes, maybe a little overdone, but definitely fixable right?

  4. I love it! I would probably just dry brush a little more white on! My moma always said she just "messed and gommed" 'til she got it just right! But, I do agree, it is reassuring to know everyone's projects are not perfect the first time! Lezlee

  5. What a fabulous out come to your creative work!
    add some highlighting of gray to it as well. It will give it that aged driftwood feel, weathered in the ocean air all in its own time!

    keep up your over the top postings...we love you for it :)

  6. Geez Chania from the little I can see in your pic I think it looks GREAT & I'm really NOT a fan of faux finishes unless they're done so well you actually looks like a hundred years of wear....Are you able to include a shot from a wider perspective to get some other colours & textures in there for us to have a squizz at....??

    In any case, perhaps you could leave it for a few days & if you still have issues with it you can give it a sand to remove most of the paint & start again....??

    I LOVE your idea of using the door & other reclaimed pieces on the island & can well understand your frustration of wanting it done to meet your HIGH standards....Oh the JOYS of the creative process....hahahahahaha....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. I love it Chania! It is so unique.. I would keep it that way!
    Health and happiness to you,

  8. Chania this post made me laugh, not because of your island which does NOT look like it's been in a fire, but because we ALL point the camera in the direction that faces away from the mess! If people could see what was "behind" my camera most of the time they would cringe!

    Kat :)

  9. So good for you to post this..I have a lot of hiccups...things that appear perfect in my head can be difficult to translate into reality! I am sure that what you end up with will be fantastic because the concept is so wonderful.

  10. LOL Chania!! I actually think the snippet you gave us looks fabulous!! New faux paint colour called 'Charred' perhaps? No seriously, I really think the island looks great! Maybe leave it for a few days and then see if you still feel the same? I love how you used the door and barnwood for the panelling!! Looking forward to an update on your feelings on your paint finish. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  11. I think i kinda really like it ... hmmm i think i do! I love the idea of the doors. Can't wait to see what you do with it - i think you should sleep on it for a bit because i agree with Tina, it can be the new faux paint colour called "Charred"!!! Maybe this oops can be a good oops???

  12. If you hate it, I think you should paint it a high gloss black... you already have a great primer colour already done.

  13. Hey, nice blog you have here.

    You have reminded me of a job I need to do to a wooden thing with doors on. I pulled it out of a skip years ago and it was the first bit of furniture I owned. It’s horribly varnished but has nice grain underneath. I’m going to get it off, and maybe wax. I’m not sure?

    Thank you for your comment at my blog.

  14. OMG you made me laugh out loud!!!Keep it real baby!!!! Thanks for posting a great post...and did I really sound that whiny???

  15. That is truly the wonderful thing about paint, if you don't like the results you can try, try again. It's not so bad by the way, but I understand when it's not what you were going for. Good luck getting what you want, and thanks for sharing what we've all been through. Take Care, Carrie

  16. Chania you are funny! I have to disagree with you about it looking like it has been in a fire. I love how you used a door - great idea!

  17. The last line was just too funny! Oh how I can relate - the messy house, the half done projects, and especially the attempts at aging something w/paint. What a super idea using the doors. Oh and please let me know if you do indeed get your cottage in a magazine. How very cool ♥
    Jane T.

  18. Chania, I can see you are disappointed for you had not the way you fancied it.....it happens...but I do like that way as well. It was not bad also just white....anyway, you made me laugh a lot! Have a good day xx

  19. Wow - rustic and clever - love the door. You can set your mind to any task. I love your photographs of simplicity, colour, composition.

    You live in a most breathtakingly, beautiful place! You notice this more than many who live there, I imagine. Beauty in simplicity, the everyday and the pared back look of objects. You have a great eye. You appreciate it all.

    Tracey at Velevtine Lily x

  20. Now see, Chania, I think that surface looks great. It's the kind of thing I see here when someone finds an 18th c piece and scrapes it. Jane F.

  21. Oh Chania! love the fact that you wanted to posted also a project that didn't turned out how you wanted. But I love how you used the old door as panels, that's a great idea!

    Have a nice week end!

  22. It is lovely to be in a community that not only permits, but welcomes, us to make mistakes and then tell about it! At least you realized when enough was enough and the time had come to just stop for awhile. The doors are a wonderful touch! Thanks for keeping it real.

  23. I, too, love it!!!

    Especially since it isn't pink...............


    I think it is awesome....just perfect!

  24. We have all been there and sometimes we think we are there and then it turns out great, you never know sometimes.
    Well, I love love the idea of the doors and barn wood to trim it out! That is fabulous! I can't wait to see what happens next.

  25. It definitely looks older!! And funnily enough, even though you think you may have over done it, it still looks better than the before. xx

  26. I'm catching up on all of the posts I missed so I know how the island turns out. Didn't realize how much work you had put in to get to the beautiful finish it has now.

  27. I saw the finished kitchen in the previous post and was scrolling down to see more. I am glad I did. I love how you redid your island, and you kept what you had only made it better.


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