Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inky Waters

Interesting colors by the lake....a breakwall with gorgeous browns and whites...looks perfectly distressed.

Dusk is an interesting time to take photos.  There is still a reflective blue in the sky, but the sun is low enough to create murky shadows.  Last night I took some photos around the harbour. 
The water looked Inky, oily.....dark and a bit creepy....
I swim here......but not at dusk in this dark dark water.....
This made me think of the Oil Spill....the water looked like oil. In the daylight it is clear blue. 
Vivid Orange against the Ink
An ink blot on the water.  Love the name of this little wooden row boat.
Kathaleen.....I can just hear someone calling that name....Kath-a-leen.
Dramatic contrasts... red blue black.  The owner thought I was impressed with his boat and asked if I was from a magazine......I think he was disapointed....

This looks like thick oil paints on a favourite little tender....


  1. Beautiful images Chania, I love the third one with it's light play across the rippling water.

  2. I like that too...Kathaleen, has a nice ring to it. Beautiful photos Chania.


  3. 0h, so many inspiring photos here...i would love to paint a few of them! just be glad that is not REAL seems BP has stopped the leak temporarily...i sure hope so. i am so craving being by the water right now.

  4. That last one would make a stunning painting. Do you paint? I've put this in my files of photos to paint if you don't!

  5. You certainly have a talent with the camera, great shots!

  6. Someone should paint that top picture Chiana...there's magic in that image.

  7. WOW Chania....Your first four pics have an AMAZING textural quality to them....LOVE the ladder reflected against the inky black....!!

    Each one is GORGEOUS but I think my FAVE is the one with the tire....That one has an industrial edge to it with the rubber & the concrete....!!

    You never cease to AMAZE me my CLEVER Friend....!

    Tamarah :o)

  8. Beautiful photos Chania! With your eye, you could so photograph for a magazine!
    Hope you are well!
    Health and happiness,

  9. amazing photos....truely amazing!

  10. You must go into photography. You should be from a magazine!!!

  11. The pictures you've put up are lovely again. I feel so sad about the oil leak. Let's hope they're getting somewhere near fixing it although the damage that's already been done can never be undone.

  12. Ahhhh, gorgeous shots! I especially love the first one!!!

  13. That last photo does look like an oil painting. It's so simple but so lovely!

  14. Beautiful photos. All would make great paintings. I'm especially smitten with the one of the tire.


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