Monday, April 5, 2010

What to do with Granny's Silver Tray

I often see silver trays like the one above at flea markets and antique shops, yet seldom see them actually used by anyone at home.  Perhaps because they seem a bit old fashioned.......
Or too formal.......
....or way too high maintanance or have no purpose.....this one above has just the right amount of tarnish...
Throw all your dresser "bits" on one....this photo above is my dresser tray full of things I never put away properly.  It keeps me tidier to have one spot to set them down and not scattered around.
This one I put in the bathroom to corral the soap and other pretties.
I also use them for bar can set them on a buffet or any cupboard or dresser, add a pretty dish for sliced lemons, and they look great.
I like to use them to display interesting bits on the coffee table.  They unify collections and give them more weight and substance.  Smaller items can make the place look cluttery when scattered around, but grouped with other interesting bits, they are like a little showcase for treasures.  Here I scattered some of my seashells, a twinkly eiffel tower ornament with pretty ribbon--too pretty to put away...and a handful of really disgusting tasting, but very pretty to look at candies, to make an interesting, contemporary vignette on my coffee table.

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  1. LOL about the "disgusting taste but lovely to look at" sweets. I sometimes do that too, buy something way too bad to eat but because of the color (pink in my case) cute in a jar haha.
    I have one of those trays my grandparents brought home from Canada in the early 60's. I sometimes decorate with it, and other times I just put it on display. Love your ideas, might give them a try :)

    Hugs from Marian

  2. Oh I love silver trays Chania and yours are all so gorgeous:) I love how you use them in all different rooms. Too funny about the horrible tasting candy, our Olivia wants to know if there really is such a thing!! Enjoy your gorgeous trays, you have given me so much inspiration yet again my lovely friend! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  3. Chania, I just bought a beautiful silver tray a few weeks ago at a thrift store and I have it on my dining room table with a glass container filled with seashells on it, I love it! After I tire of it there I will take your suggestion and use it for my jewelry! I love all of your wonderful silver pieces and the clever and stylish ways you've used them. And that's so funny about the horrible tasting candy, my mother did that sometimes in one of her candy jars so that no one would eat the "decorative" candy!

    Kat :)

  4. So pretty! I love trays and containers to corral all kinds of loose items.

  5. Hi Chania - ~ ~ (waving). Love the way you've used the silver trays. So smart. Hope you'll come by Atticmag for our really useful giveaway. -- Jane F.

  6. Hello Chania,

    I somehow managed to acquire several silver trays throughout the years and hated that they sat unused. I finally started utilizing them in ways similar to your suggestions and also use them for dining.


  7. Hi Chania....!

    Your trays are LOVELY & YES they are versatile pieces....I prefer tarnished ones & I've seen them displayed as wall art above a sideboard which looks TERRIFIC....!

    Tamarah :o)

  8. Thank you for stopping by... all your silver trays are lovely...and your blog too(:

  9. Chania, I love this post and I have a silver tray that belonged to my mother in law that is in the cupboard. Not anymore I especially love the display with the soap and other pretties. I'm heading over to fetch mine out of the cupboard and put it somewhere special.
    Donna xx

  10. I love the oval one with the soap and things on it. Thanks for the great ideas.


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