Monday, April 19, 2010

My "Beach House" Cottage-Transformation with White Paint


I want to say thank you to Cassity from Redmodelaholic for featuring my cottage makeover on her blog.  I also want to thank her readers who have popped over to my blog. 
Thank You so much.

When we bought the cottage a few years ago, it had just had an addition added onto the original 550 sq ft 1930's cottage.  When they renovated the place they put up new yellowy pine and oak panelling and trim, and made the place look like a lodge.  
This is the view from the front room.  We are right overlooking the harbour on Georgian Bay...
View from the cliffs.  The harbour is to the left.
The bay is blue and turquoise.  The yellow and oak theme had to go.
This is the living room from the real estate lisitng. I had to get rid of that fake pine wall panelling and oak trim.
This is the after...
This is the same view as that awful real estate listing....
I white washed all of the ceiling beams, the walls in the great room, the panelling, ceiling  and baseboards.  I painted everything  in Farrow and Ball Strong White.  Even with the addition, the cottage is less than 950 sq ft, but painting it has made it seem much larger and more open.
I white washed this coffee table that was yellow pine with pink and peach flowers and vies painted all over it....a throwback to my taste in the 80's. 
At least it had a nice shape and could be transformed with paint.
You can see the oak panelling before in the dining room here. Have I told you I hate yellow! The light fixture is from West Elm and in future posts, I will show you what I have done with it since.
Out of that window straight ahead is the harbour with all of the blues and greens and whites of the sailboats.  I painted the dining room panelling Strong White and above Farrow and Ball's Light Blue to bring a bit of that blue inside.  Given that I am a" White Paint" kinda gal, that is a lot of color for me.  For now, it works well with the flooring, which is linoleum, but I am hoping to change that for white cedar planks .
This is my "BlogSpot"...
..........and some of my white washed mirrors....

I added lots of bits in blues and greens to bring those colors from the outdoors in....
I love the way the light shines through the vintage glass...
.....One of my favourite little pieces... a wall cabinet with the original rolled glass mirror and original peeling paint....
I have a collection of Vintage Globes.  I bought the marbles in England years ago while shopping with my Grandad, so they are really special to me.  I love the way they reflect the light...
The Turquoise Glass and Zinc lids on these old jars capture the colors of outside, with the bluey greens and the greys....ready for new collections.....

Last year my friends bought me this painted wooden sign.........
Welcome to the Beach House......

I am joining Between Naps On the Porch for Matamorphis Monday.  Click the link to see some great transformations. And Also to My House of Giggles .


  1. Yes, the yellow and oak had to go. It looks lovely now and your vintage pieces are a perfect fit. Your view is also spectacular.

  2. This is gorgeous! A girl after my own heart. I am near the beach (not quite as close as you are though, jealous) and we had dark wood panelling and reds and brick throughout. First thing we did when we bought was start putting up the white paint. White paint is a miracle worker. We accented with blues and greens throughout and while we're not finished yet, I like it much better!

    ps- I love your canning jars, they have so much more character than modern ones!

  3. Chania-
    Oh my! You exude elegance and style! Your home, your view, your shoppe, your blog - exquisite. It is a pleasure to be a follower. Utterly gorgeous! Kind Regards,
    Tracey at Velvetine Lily Do drop in. I am an amateur in comparison to you, however, I am learning alot from your design and layout and your choice of hues. Very inspirational x o

  4. the whole room is just so inviting and pretty! love the colors you have used. i love your chippy blue trunk, but your "blog spot" is my favorite- what a nice little area to work in!

  5. Oh I am is breathtaking! You have such an exquisite style. When can I move in....LOL! I have to tell you though my bedroom is yellow and it makes me happy:)

  6. Hi Chania! Your house is lovely! You have an amazing eye and style~
    Have a great week!
    Health and happiness,
    PS. I will get the photos of my chairs to you sometime this week. My camera isn't working. UGH!

  7. What a darling little beach house. I love it all painted white too. Great transformation.

  8. Gorgeous Place Chania! It's beautiful Georgian Bay. Enjoy your time there! Thanks for sharing these amazing place you have!
    Li ~

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Chania, just as I knew it would be my friend! What a special place for you all to be able to enjoy, I am very envious:) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous cottage with us! ~ Txx

  10. you are so lucky - I would LOVE a place like that. It is beautiful and serene, you did a wonderful job with your paint and decor. What a view! All the best, Lori

  11. Lucky you to have such a beautiful place to retreat to. What a great job you've done making it a cozy little get away!

  12. What a beautiful and lovely home! I want to live there! = ) I LOVE it!

    I really like the light fixture over the table...though is there anything that I don't like about it...? = )

  13. When can I come for a visit?!?!

    Now wouldn't that Sudlow tea set look great in your cottage???

    Oh, yeah.

  14. Wow! What a getaway you have! In my mind it is THE quintessential beach cottage. It must be hard to return to the work-a-day world at the end of the weekend. Thank you so much for the tour. The armoire in the living room is fabulous! Happy Tuesday!

  15. oh my!! What a beautiful cottage you have!! You've done an amazing job on it! I love everything about it :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. It is SO pretty~ love those mirrors and I'm hunting for some of those vintage blue jars with the zinc lids myself!

  17. Such a beautiful space. Love your mirrors and your canning jars - especially the one with the crown.

  18. Beautiful! Such a difference some paint (and a creative eye) can make! Love the transformation.

  19. Beautiful! I love the whitewashed look and aqua accents. Amazing paint job!


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