Thursday, April 29, 2010

Illegal Dumping on the Bluffs of Lake Ontario?

Have you ever seen seats like this in Church?  Could they be choir seats?
These old church chairs have flip up leather upholstered seats with gorgeous wooden backs and exquisite wrought iron detail. 
In a brief lapse of common sense, we photographed them on the cliff by the lake.....a near "Pee in Your Pants Laughing" moment as walkers and neigbours wrote down our license plate in case we illegally dumped them off the edge of the cliff!

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  1. Hi Chania - I wanted to be the first to comment as you left me such lovely words on my blog. Thank you. I am really loving these chairs/pews (?) and its great how you find such quirky items - like the industrial lockers and the whooper long table! I see these in the hall of some great barn conversion...a wonderful find.

    And on a wider note, I love your blog, you have a great eye for detail...I just wish I could visit your shop! Louise x

  2. Are you saying you found these things just at the side of the lake.....they are stunning. Do they look like something from parliment buildings...they are so cool.

  3. Or maybe lecture hall chairs...mmmm they have got me thinking.

  4. I would have never guessed those to be church chairs. Maybe they were from a courtroom or a movie theatre??? When I saw the title of your post I thought maybe it was about somebody dumping something....too funny!


  5. Oh my gosh! They are to die for!!! What a great find!
    Health and happiness,

  6. Pretty. I think they look like theatre seats!

  7. Chania these are AWESOME....I LOVE the diversity of your finds & the ingenuity of your photographic locations....hahahahaha....!!!

    You're OBVIOUSLY having a GREAT week so my wishes for you have come true....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  8. I can only imagine what they were thinking!

  9. Those are gorgeous church pews! What a spectacular place for a photo shoot!

    ~ Tracy

  10. those are precious chairs and they obviously did not know that! nice photos. have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  11. Ha ha! That is funny! Well, if you ever do decide to dump something like THAT, let me know where so I can go get it!

  12. The chairs are BEAUTIFUL!!! Ha, love the story that goes with the photo too:) As if you would dump such gorgeous chairs!!! ~ Tina xx

  13. I am thinking old movie theater or an auditorium. Where ever they came from they are a lot of fun.

  14. Well, for once I"m not wondering where such beautiful old chairs came from but rather where they will end up. In someone's front hall? Or family room? How about seating for long dinner table? Oh, the possibilities ... Love the detail on the chairs, more so your creativity in shooting these pieces.

  15. OMG those are so neat! Where did you find such a cool treasure?

  16. I swear these chairs used to be ours! Ok, maybe not. But my husband bought a set like this about 12 years ago from an antique store and they said they were "theater chairs". I promptly made him get rid of them. I had no vision then! I'd love to have them back!

  17. I think they look cool photographed by the side of the lake...
    Who does that anyway? Takes their furniture to the lake to photograph it? You just wake up one morning and say to yourself..."Hey, I think I'll take the pew chairs to the lake to day and get some pictures?"
    Do you take your Hutch for a walk?
    Or your Hall tree dancing?
    That's hilarious!
    I take my kids for that sort of thing... I bet people did think you weird or something!

    Oh, well... to each his own.
    By the way... I love the chairs, I'm just joking really... I love that first picture. Interesting eye for photography you have!

  18. they are so cool, they remind me of old theatre seats.

    too funny about the passers by, i bet you look like a hooligan chania, with your seats, and your camera!!


  19. Those chairs are gorgeous! They look more like theatre seats to me, but perhaps someone reused them once before. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but maybe the "hymnal holder" was added later? It's a mystery, but who cares. They are lovely.

  20. I think they are theatre seats, but our little country church had them. They had been taken out of the theatre in a nearby town. They were wonderful!

  21. Yep, I agree---movie theatre seats. We also had something similar in our school auditoriums, but I think those were minus the padded seats.....

    They truly are awesome! Someone could dump them off at my house anytime................

  22. Whatever they are, they were cool finds! What are you going to do with them?


  23. I would guess the seats are from an old theatre or auditorium. They are really wonderful!

  24. those are cool those would be awesome in a teens bedroom for xbox games may need some pillows for comfort though

  25. Chania,

    I am stopping by to thank you for your suggestions for my "black" island! I so appreciate your suggestions ~ I have taken so long to do this that I really want the "right" black!

    I LOVE this seats in this post. How much more gorgeous of detail could you get? Just lovely.

    And if you were dumping the "most beautiful concert hall seats ever" .... we would have to have you committed girl!

    I am looking forward to visiting your blog often!


  26. We had these kinds of seats in my high school auditorium. Except for choir seats, I don't remember seeing these kinds of seats much in old churches. And I'm getting kinda old too.

    And, it's true - as someone said - that where they came from isn't nearly as important as what you've made of them.


  27. awesome!!! just found you over at mustard seed and became a new follower...i cant wait tos ee what you will do with those opera house seats!

  28. These must be seats for the celebrant’s assistants during the mass. You must be very lucky to have found these very unique vintage pieces. I'm sure these will look perfect in a classy home. However, for a modern look, replacing the cushion seat with a more vibrant color will do the trick.

    Earnestine Kettering


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