Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse-Part 6-The Living Room and Dining Room-A Double Post of Sarah

Does this look like a Farmhouse?
As of now, this is the latest room Sarah has done for the show.  A new episode airs tonight.  What do you think of this piece of Salvage selected for the fireplace?
The room is massive and she used tons of upholstered pieces including an old flea market sofa that was redone.  But, other than a few antiques, it seems to have a much different feel than her other country properties that have feature her infamous "Cottage Chic"
Personally, this is not the look I would have given this home.  Given the exterior and the fact it is a farmhouse, I would have done the scrubby Farmhouse look, but to keep it current maybe given it a Belgian Farmhouse twist.  But that said, mine would be what you expect, Sarah take it to another level...What yo udream of..
I love the wood on the ceilings.
In typical Sarah Fashion, her pillows are incredible, varied in pattern and color.  Love this shot. But I wanted something different!
So what do you think?  Is it what you expected?
The Dining Room is posted below this one.
All photos from http://www.hgtv.ca/ If you missed this episode you can watch it here .

A huge walnut table purchased at Christie's
Wicker Chairs lighten it up a bit.....
As usual she brings in Architectural Salvage and there's the paisley repeating through the house.  Perfect...
Check out this wallpaper, actually fabric that is paper-backed and applied as wallpaper.
Pheasant Decor.??
Sponsored by Sears, she selected dishes from there.........that is the problem when you are sponsored, you have to use your sponsors products....(I would rather see vintage dishware) but she dis use her own linens and silverware.  How lovely is all this silver on this old table?


  1. I'm not sure what I feel about this room, i don't instantly fall in love with it as i usually do with Sarah's rooms. i do love those cushions though and the ceilings, cheers Katherine

  2. Wow, that piece above the firs place is very cool. I do agree that it has more of a gothic sort of look than farmhouse.

  3. Chania I lOVE the coat of arms over the fire place & that chnadelier ** sigh **....Where can I get my hands on similar pieces I wonder....???

    THANK YOU so much for your LOVELY note & button....!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. I think this programme is something I must learn about. I love this sort of thing. I love some of her furniture pieces, but I'm not sure about the piece over the fireplace in this room. Maybe a castle more so than a farmhouse. Hope your week is going well! xx

  5. Well, I have to say that it's just not my cup of tea, and I don't want to appear negative! I know that Sarah is a well-known designer, but I guess I'm just not fond of high-budget and high-cost desiger rooms, and her rooms are those kind. Everything looks expensive, out-of-reach, and overdone (the over mantle piece). I much prefer the decorating on simpler blogs (ie. frugal farmhouse design) wherein so much charm and coziness is infused on a real-life budget, and the rooms appear so PERSONAL. Now that strikes a chord with me!

  6. Is that a dig at my blog or just this post?


  7. Well.....since you asked...I am not a fan of this room whatsoever. I usually really like everything Sarah does but the piece over the fireplace and the chandelier looks like it came out of a medieval castle. I don't mind the furniture at all, but that's about it. I have seen Sarah do soooo much better.

  8. Oh and the dining room...not happening for me. This is a farmhouse, she needs chippy, vintage mismatched china, a colorful rug, not that drab one. She started out so great with the mudroom...what has happened??? Just my opinion.

  9. Oh, the living and dining rooms are very elegant indeed! I love all the white woodwork and the wide baseboards in this house. I guess I am a bit surprised, though, because the foyer looked more farmhouse, (with those wonderful cranberry doors) so I thought that this would be the direction of the house design, but for resale and the television viewing audience, maybe they feel they have to have a broader design presentation. (?)

  10. i did not see this episode yet. thanks for sharing. i have also invited you as one of the 10 bloggers to join in the #6 photo game. more info on my blog. have a great week! maryann

  11. I hate to agree. But I do. While, I LOVE the bones of the room and some of the touches, overall, it is not what I was looking for. Normally, I adore anything she does. This time, it is just off the mark. I had high hopes when I saw the mudroom. To me that was perfect (although a bit pricey)!

  12. Hi Again,
    Did you see the rattan covered bottles on the mantel? I do love Sarah and I look forward to Tuesdays waiting for the next episode. I actually subscribed to cable again for this show! Really!

  13. The house itself looks like a farm house... but the decor not so much... I do love the cabinet with the fabric... and the last pic of the table is beautiful...

  14. Very elegant. But I too would have preferred the farmhouse look. The true farmhouse look. But I do love all the natural light in the room. And the ceilings are wonderful!

  15. I usually do not listen to Sarah Richardson but this house is the best thing she has ever done. i would move in in a heartbeat. I love the warm colors and the classiness. You have to have realized the all white shabby look has been done for a long time, it is not exactly earth shatteringly new these days in the 21st.

  16. I know that Shabby Chic has been done before, but I disagree. It is far from done. People still love Rachell Ashwell and that whole scrubby, painted look. I think it can be done beautifully. Look at Maria's home on Dreamy Whites and the popularity of that blog and others. It is a style that I believe is here to stay. That said, it has to be made current and it can be!

  17. Hated the salvage piece over the fireplace. Love the living room itself but not so much the more contemporary pieces. Sarah started out decorating this in typical farmhouse style and should have continued in the living room and dining room. Whatever happened to the vintage, mismatched pieces she is so adept at pulling together? I was really disappointed in these last two rooms. Please, Sarah bring the farmhouse look back.

  18. Sarah did a great job. I need her to help me with my basement.



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