Thursday, April 15, 2010

Institutional Chic-Does this scare you?

A lot of people find this a bit scary!
I wanted to show everyone a new piece for the shop.  It is a very large and extremely heavy industrial locker. We have moved it around from the back of my vehicle a couple of times now, and we honestly need one of sets of wheels they use in ambulances.
I know most of you are thinking "What the H... would you do with that thing", but I have been looking at these pieces for a while now, and there is a real market for these original lockers.  They sell from between $500 to $2500.00 on average. 

I love the worn original paint
Here is Lorraine "doctoring" our locker.  We got quite a reaction from passersby curious about the "Piece of Junk".  So far in 3 days we have had 3 enquiries.!!
Personally I LOVE IT. While it wouldn't work in my house, I think it would be amazing in a loft space or in a modern home. Perfect for a mudroom. You could number the lockers and assign your kids a number.
I am participating in Furniture Friday at Miss Mustard so pop on over and see all the wonderful pieces posted on the McLinkies.


  1. i love the locker and would use it for shoes and garden tools in a mud room.

  2. Oh Chania....How much would this cost to post to Australia....hahahahaha....I of course LOVE it just the way it is....!!

    Do you have any idea as to it's origins...?? Factory, hospital, school I wonder....If our stuff could only talk....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. it's wonderful. love that kind of thing...the more worn the better!

  4. I personally love it - I would definately have it in a mudroom or a gardening room! Great find - I can't wait to see how long it is before someone snatches it up! :)

  5. I really like the look of the old lockers. Whenever I have them in my shop, they sell pretty briskly!

    Second Hand Chicks

  6. I think it's an awesome piece and would look great like you said in a loft.

  7. I love it Chania! Anywhere! In an office, mudroom, but I personally wouldn't hide a piece like this! I love old, rusty stuff...
    Awesome about the Sarah's new paint and that you had an opportunity to meet Tommy. So cool!
    Looking forward for your new adventures!
    Li :-)

  8. i think they are just beautiful. although i must say it does need a clever designer or artistic individual to put them all must come with the right accessories...i can see why they are expensive, they are very rare!...maryann

  9. Ivy pattern dishes are making an appearance this week. And they are wonderful to see. As for industrial chic, it's a style I happen to love and appreciate. Where I live that locker would be snapped up in 10 mins. Thanks for stopping by. -- Jane F.

  10. I love old lockers, and I'm starting to collect quite a mess of them. I picked up one last weekend, thinking that I would put it in my son's room for storage, but after I maneuvered it off the trailer, onto my dolly and over to the front door, I realized that it wasn't going to make the turn down the hallway into his room. So it's sittin' in the yard. It always looks like I'm having a yard sale for some reason :)

  11. nah i'm not quite scared :) in fact, i kind of want to steal it from you!!

  12. I'm definitely a fan of using lockers in the home. Very cool.

  13. Oh, is it horrible to say that looking at old, chipped lockers like these makes me want to rip out my too-new kitchen cabinets to exchange for this piece as storage for dishes and other kitchenware? I so would prefer a vintage piece like this over my boring kitchen cabinets any day! My husband, of course, might finally put his foot down over my crazy decorating schemes.

  14. I think that piece is so cool! I love industrial chic, but it does scare me a little. Just knowing the work involved in cleaning it up and making it residentail. It's always worth it, though.


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