Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse - Part 2

It seems that everyone really enjoys Sarah Richardson and especially her show "Sarah's House".  It also appears that I am behind 4 Episodes, so I will catch you all up over the next week or so.  Above is one of the guest bedrooms with a herringbone rug (chosen by Tommy of course)(when is Tommy going to get his own show) paisley curtains and a crazy headboard.
I love this.....check out that nailhead trim
Glitzy lamps with a farmhouse table...
Flea market finds...
I love the paisley curtains too.  The upholstered chair is from Sarah Richardson Designs.
The next bedroom brings in the cranberry color she started with in the mudroom, and paisley again on the pillows.  She had the nighstands sprayed this color.
The victorian chair was recovered in a stripe and the curtains if you can't tell are polka dot.  Personally I love the quilt and the bed, but I am not keen at all on the spotty drapes, the chair fabric, bench fabric or the blue on those built-ins.  And this shocks really does... because I have never, ever NOT liked a single thing that Sarah and Tommy have chosen.. 
Dying to know what her fans think of it...

Next  time I will post the kitchen........

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. Love that nailhead trim on the bedhead and the lampshade on the ornate lamp. Can't say that 2nd bedroom does much for me personally although the valance is pretty.

  2. Wow, what different styles in these two bedrooms! I love the second bedroom, the cottage / farmhouse style seems more in keeping with the mudroom downstairs. I like the first one too, especially that chair from Sarah's furniture range, not too fussed on the headboard though (sorry). But since I am definitely NOT a designer I can only go off what I like and I likey the second bedroom:) Thanks so much for sharing these pics Chania, as an Australian who doesn't have 'cable' I am loving your posts on Sarah's farmhouse!! Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina x

  3. love that, chania! I am not able to get that program, so thanks for the look!

  4. Gorgeous rooms - v. jealous of that bedhead!!

  5. Thanks Chania! I'll visist her blog for sure! You know, my ruffle time is on!!!
    Soon I'll finish yours...
    Have a lovely weekend!
    love Sarah's pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    Li :-)

  6. Thanks for posting this Chania. I never heard of Sarah before today -- hgtv also was touting her farmhouse but you have more interesting pix IMO! Love that and so appreciate your stopping by to see us (trust you got in on our givewaway). -- Jane F.

  7. What is it that does not thrill you about the builtins? and the fabric? I am pretty ambivalent to most of it. I watched the episode when they did the guest rooms. I wish I could shop where she shops. I am not a fan of the herring bone carpet. Tommy REALLY liked it, though!

  8. I want Sarah Richardson's checkbook for just one day!!



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