Saturday, April 3, 2010

Impromptu Good Friday Party

I looked out the front window yesterday afternoon and saw someone leaning against the car resting.  It was a neighbor out exercising who had paused to rest.  I offered him a drink and he, Blake and I sat on the porch.  Another neighbor came by, and another.......then the kids arrived from Montreal....the sun was shining, and we ended up with a wonderful improptu porch party of 17 people.  One neighbor brought over shrimp, I put out cake.....and it got me thinking, how spring and summer are
 so much more social, and also how impromptu parties can be so much more fun than a planned party.

My favourite one was a bonfire party last March (Good thing that one was walking distance) Have you had a great Improptu Party?  I would love to hear about it....


  1. In my old neighborhood we used to do stuff like that around the fire almost on a weekly basis. I always had stuff to burn as we were renovating a house. You stirred up some fond memories. I am glad you live somewhere where you are able to do this. I have never lived anywhere else where people were actually friends with the neighbors. You are very lucky, it must be you though. 17 people!!!!! Must have been very fun, I would have come if I lived closer. How did your first couple of days go with your new store. Congratulations I hope all your effort pays off.

  2. My birthday last year Chania, was like this. I wasn't planning to do anything, then a friend said she would stop by to give me a hug, then another one phonned and said the same, and so the end, I had over 20 people here in our patio! Luckly was end of July and we all had such a good time.
    I grew up in Brazil, where people do this a lot, and I was quite surprised to have the same feeling here in Canada.It was the best birthday ever Chania! But I had lot's of brazilians in this party too!
    Good for you my friend. Life is supposed to be fun!
    Happy Easter,

  3. That sounds like such a nice time. I have to say that I am green with envy. This neighborhood is none too friendly.. instead of social calls they make city ordinance calls.
    When I was a kid I lived on a cul de sac and we had thee best neighbors and did things like you shared here.

    I miss those days.Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. Happy and blessed Easter!

  4. Those spur of the moment gatherings seem to be most often the best ones, I guess there is no pressure beforehand to have everything done:) Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with family and friends Chania ~ Tina xx

  5. sometimes impromptu is best...we just had a wonderful bonfire with neighbors and friends on friday and stayed up til 1 am! thanks for stopping over at my blog...i look forward to perusing yours as well!!!
    happy spring to you!

  6. that word "faffing"...never heard it before, but i think i will start using it. i do alot of faffing too.


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