Monday, April 26, 2010

I Would Build a House Around These Doors!

I have been knee deep in city salvage shops (Door Store Toronto above) as well as Faffing Around the Countryside with Lorraine stocking the shop   We found some new haunts on the weekend including a place where we were invited into the dusty, creaky and dimly lit attic for a poke around.......  If it sounds like a scary movie, it was far from it.  An attic full of wonderful things, old trim, doosr, painted bits......  We loved the shop, and so we asked the owner if he had anything rougher, dirtier and scrubbier....Hence the invite to the attic.  We bought a huge farm table that is currently having the barn board top sanded down a bit, and the wonderful owner is taking down his barn and is going to GIVE me some of the wood soI can build a new top for my hideous Green Formica Cottage island.  That is why I love what I do.  You meet some wonderful people in the vintage/salvage/farmhouse business.
These doors pictured above stopped me in my tracks.......I would build a house around these doors....and leave them scrubbly and worn like this..
And my Kitchen would be built around this table.....
And then I would have to select a fireplace.....

This blue one would it....
With white Corbels to hold chunky shelves....
Some old ironwork for the garden fence....
And...perhaps these doors leading out into the garden.......
This is what happens to you when you visit The Door Store in start to dream and imagine what you could build with all the old, beautiful BITS...........


  1. Ahhh... wonderful salvage yards/warehouses!! I love them! We have one here in Vancouver (Jack's) that I get lost in when ever I go!!

  2. Oh my, I'm afraid I'm in love with the last one. Would look perfect in my garden!

  3. Those pieces are all so incredible. How amazing of a store is that?! Wishing I lived in Cananda right now...

  4. These are great pictures, you must be having such fun buying for your shop. Especially love the blue doors.

  5. What gorgeous doors! I would go crazy in that shop!
    Thanks for dropping by AtticMag and leaving your nice comment.

  6. Hi Chania!!! What a place to dream...I love all the doors, old gates, firepaces Moldings. Just Gorgeous!!!! I wish we had something like this here...
    Enjoy your week!
    Li :-)

  7. Oh Chania, I love what you do too! I wish I could come with you when you visit all these fantastic places! The doors are gorgeous and I love the table, the mantles and corbels. I could use them all in my dream house. xx

  8. Oh Chania I'm suffering from SERIOUS DOOR ENVY down here.... ** swoon ** I swear if I could get a job in a slavage yard I would NEVER complain about having to work again....hahahaha....SERIOUSLY....!!

    I went to a Salvage Yard myself over the weekend but there was just NOWHERE near the amnount of neat stuff you've pictured....!!!

    Lucky, LUCKY you to have gazed upon such BEAUTY...!

    Have a GREAT week....!

    Tamarah :o)

  9. Oh my goodness I love all of these salvage treasures Chania!! I so want to go shopping with you!! Wishing you a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  10. Hi Chania,
    Oh wow, this post makes me so excited! I would love the check out this store. Those mantles..and corbels..and of course the amazing. Hope you are having a good week

  11. I would love that table in my kitchen it would just look perfect. I need a chimney too, although it's hot here but that doesn't stop me from imagining it's cold outside.:)

    Have a great week


  12. This is the kind of shop I could spend hours dreaming. Thank you for bringing pictures back to share with all of us. I think the doors and the mantels are my favorite When my husband and I were building our home we found a shop like this and we were able to get a beautiful old porcelain double sink for our kitchen.


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