Monday, April 12, 2010

My Dining Room

Ok, I thought it is about time I showed some of my own house.  Sarah's dining room can wait until tomorrow.  This is my dining room.  I don't have a Tommy to assist me, and B---- doesn't want to appear in this episode, so it's just the dining room.  Sorry!. 
This room faces North and has difficult incoming light that tends to throw a lot of green and yellow. Because my focal point is this Quebec pine cupboard I really wanted to minimize any other colors in the room, and I didn't want white walls. (all my other walls are white) .
I have this weird thing that I can't use a paint color if I don't like the name (don't let my clients know), so I went through the Farrow and Ball paint deck and found this color called Mouse's Back. (really).  Loved the name, so I turned the chip over and loved the greyish brown, moleskin color. (not really, I did look at the color first).  I love it because it allows this large cabinet to keep it's true color which is a bit ginger cookie-ish.
This holds all of my dishes, platters candles and table linens.
One of my favourite pieces! 
I splurged on two large end chairs and had them upholstered in an Irish linen by Robert Allen.  They have a feather seat which the cat seems to think makes a perfect bed, and I chose them because I have limited seating in the living room and I can just pull them into the living room and use them as extra seating.  
I prefer to make my decorating mistakes in my own house, rather than a client's, and in this case, I had to get new side chairs because these 2 armchairs made the previous chairs look too small, so they went to the kitchen.  Instead I bought these cotton velvet side chairs which were a really bad idea since I have a cat, and a yellow lab (at that time 2 labs).  TheChinese Chipendale style bamboo chair to the right of the cabinet was a Road Find that I had upholstered in an animal print chenille by R. M. Coco.  My neighbour who threw it out was shocked to see it in my dining room looking so smart.  Above that is an African basket and a Natvie American basket (red one) that I think are art in themselves.
This gorgeous vase came from the shop.  My neighbour was trimming his forsythia today, so I took some of his branches.
I think it might be an old wine bottle.  It has the number 5 pressed into the glass. (Go here to Shabby Vintage Junk  and see Tamarah's huge and beautiful green glass bottles.
I thought it made a lovely centrepiece and I was testing the light and settings with my new camera.


  1. It's all just wonderful Chania. I especially love your cupboard, your large chairs, your chandelier and your window dressing. What a fabulous room!

  2. I think I'd be tempted by a paint colour called 'mouse's back' too!! Love your huge armoire and the forsythia is just the perfect finishing touch. xx

  3. I know what you mean, if I don't like the name of the color, I just can't do it. Your dining room is so lovely but then I would expect nothing else. I also just clipped some forsythia and put them on my dining table. Your cabinet is spectacular.

    Have a wonderful day.

    P.S. I am sipping coffee out of that same polka dot cup on your sidebar.

  4. Hi Chania, I love what you have done in this may not have Tommy to help you but I emediatly thought of Tommy when you said about choosing the paint colours, remember he said about being superstious about paint names...only choosing ones that are happy and have more in common with sarah then you think..haha, cheers Katherine PS I am in love with that candlabra in your stunning cupboard, the one on the right...stunning!

  5. That is a lovely, serene room. I love your pine cabinet!

  6. Hello Chania,

    Love the room, it is so serene. I like the clean and uncluttered look of it. I love your armoire.

    ~ Tracy

  7. So beautiful Chania, and what a nice gift from your neighbour. My neighbour here gives me dried Hydrangeas every year because she knows is my favourite flower!
    Enjoy the week,
    Li :-)

  8. You're right Chania I LOVE it.... :o) !!!

    Your Dining Room has 'serene' written all over it....The light through the windows & the simple clean lines of the pieces you've chosen, makes me wish I could pop over for brunch or join you for a meal & a glass of wine....We could idle away the hours discussing all things vintage.... :o) !!

    The arm chairs at each end of your table are a BRILLIANT idea....Now when I see chairs with GREAT bones I won't pass them by as I'll now how I can work them into my space....!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us...!!

    Tammarah :o)

  9. It is just lovely, warm and intimate - just what a dining room ought to be.

  10. That cupboard is fantastic...and I can't believe that your neighbor threw out that chair! What a fabulous find!

    Thank you for sharing.

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. Your dining room is beautiful. I love the simplicity, it makes the gorgeous pine cupboard a beautiful focal point. Great style! Lori

  12. You have such a beautiful house, Chania. I love seeing it. Your taste is elegant. Look forward to seeing more. Also, so appreciate that you stopped by. -- Jane F.

  13. I am new to you blog but very much enjoying it. The big vase is called a demijohn - I am currently on the hunt for one (or three) myself.


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