Friday, April 23, 2010

Milk Bottles & Pansies

You don't need to spend money buying fresh flowers.........
When there are Pansies in your garden....
3 little pansies......3 little vintage milk bottles......
You could use jam jars even..............
Or Dandelions.....
And your weekend Flower Arranging is Done............
Have a great Spring Weekend


  1. Simply sweet! The pansies look beautiful on your mantel, with their bold faces against all that shimmers. That mirror is fabulous also! Have a lovely day!

  2. I love em'. I was picking purple weeds at the side of the road yesterday doing the same thing. When I was a kid a little old lady used to give me a handful of these whenever I came to visit. She called them "funny faces"

  3. Simple is just so much more elegant!

  4. Just Lovely, Chania! We can't "yet" have flowers form the garden, but soon.
    Beautiful milk bottles too!!!
    Have a lovely and warm weekend!

  5. So simple yet so beautiful!! I wonder if it works with weeds ;) as that is all that I have in my garden at the moment! Wishing you a wonderful weekend Chania ~ Tina xx

  6. I do love pansies and they look so beautiful on your mantel!

  7. Beautifully arranged, and you're right, way nicer than imposing shop-bought flowers.


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