Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peeking into the Shop

Today the sun was shining through the windows at the shop. 
 It was the perfect day for our photo shoot.
  Everything was polished and sparkley and the shelves and tables were stocked with glass and silver and linens and vintage knits for a photo shoot.  
We just brought in this Festive little 50's dinette.  (sorry about the Windex wipes there)
Looking in from the Front Door...
....and the side.....
I can't show you the other side because..........
 we had an accident today and broke our display of vintage Grindley dishware.......
I love it when the sun shines through the glassware.
Or makes the china gleam....
...And all the pretty bits glow.....


  1. Oh,no.

    Your accident sounds terrible!

    I hate it when that happens....

    But your shop looks wonderful! Cute, cute dinette and love that Sudlow tea set!

  2. Hi - I s want to visit your shop every time you give us a peek looks gorgeous. I am sure I would end up spending far too much if I came! Its all lovely. x

  3. How how I would love to stroll through your shop, it looks amazing and I already see things I would end up coming home with.

  4. Chania, I love it all. Especially that little blue/grey dresser tucked into the corner. I'm sad to hear about the display and hope it wasn't too costly. You did a great job...just gorgeous.

  5. OHHHHHHHH nOOOOOOOO. what kind of Grindley???? Was it Petal Ware???? That is my favorite....I have a whole bunch....Ouch so sorry for your loss!

  6. love it all...what a beautiful shop...would go alittle crazy shopping in your store i think...(:sorry about your loss):

  7. i love the vintage items you have at your store. what caught my eye are the table vignettes. sorry to hear about the item you lost from breakage...but i am sure you will have new valuable ones coming soon. have a great weekend. maryann

  8. Chania,

    Your shop looks so inviting, and your creativity and talent truly shine. Look forward to visiting Razmataz online often, and hopefully seeing the shop soon.

  9. Love your cafe - my first time here, so glad to find you and your blog.

    I was at a quaint little place yesterday that yours reminds me of, we sat outside on a patio that had an old china cabinet with no doors loaded with everything you need to help yourself - urns for coffee, tea, milk, water, lemonade, and all the paper goods and stuff a diner needs. No waiting, help yourself-love that.

    I would love to visit yours - daily!


  10. Thanks for the peek inside your lovely shop! Looks so inviting and full of vintage.

  11. Chania, your shop looks so gorgeous! I love your displays, you have done it all so nicely (sorry to hear about the Grindley dishware!!). Hope the shop is going well!! ~ Tina x

  12. Your shop is so lovely, just the kind of shop I enjoy browsing so long trying to decide just what to buy since I love it all so much. It's beautifully styled and looks so inviting. Congratulations on your latest endeavor.


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