Friday, April 30, 2010

Floating Home

I spotted this little Float Home while sailing up the Fraser River near Ladner, British Columbia last year.
It looks like a Hansel and Gretyl House with the weathered shingle siding and little turretted room. It has to be the home of an excentric, hippie, artist type, don't you think?
We were staying at the house right behind this one.  In this Floating community you see cats sitting on the docks with ducks, and sea lions come right up to your house.  The houses are all staggered to allow the best views, and so you can keep your boat moored next to your house in your "driveway".  These houses go up and down 16' with the tide.  Trying to navigate your boat in and out of your parking spot, meant 1 man driving and 2 people with poles making sure you don't smack your 18 footer into your neighbors living room.


  1. I would love to own that house and would be in heaven in any house in that area on the water. We are hoping to make a trip to BC -- I was in Vancouver years ago and fell in love with your landscape. This is icing on the cake for me Chania. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- Jane F

  2. did I not know you were from around here? :) I live in ladner! And we go past these gorgeous little floating homes all the time in our boat each summer! They are so cute! Next time you're in the neighbourhood, shoot me an email and we could meet up for a coffee :)

  3. I am always very intrigued by houseboats, don't think I could live on one though.

  4. Hi Chania - there is something very romantic about house boats. Where I go running there is a canal that has some and I always try to sneak a peek as I run by. Plus it makes me think of that whole 'Sleepless in Seattle' thing, the boat is that was just gorgeous, especially the detailing inside. Nice to think of...have a good weekend x

  5. Hi Chania!we do not have houseboats in Italy, they look very exciting!

    Have a wonderful week end!

  6. These homes are AMAZING Chania....I think it would make for a VERY romantic get away to stay in one.... :o) !!


  7. These are lovely!
    I would love to stay in one of these!!
    Hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!
    Thank you for your sweet email. You're funny about the brand part. I can't believe you girls say that when you are shopping! : )))
    Thanks for all of your support over the past couple of months. I DO really appreciate it! : )))
    Take Care,

  8. (Sigh) I am officially jealous of everyone who gets to stay in such a magical-looking place. A floating community. It sounds like something out of a story book. And, of course, I'm thinking how desperately I want to see the inside of some of those homes in that community!!

  9. I would love to live in any of those floating houses - such character in that first one! I wish we could see the inside :)

  10. The first thing I thought of when I saw these floating homes is MacGyver!! He lived on a houseboat for a few seasons :-)

    I think it would be so cool to live in a floating home. I love being by the water, so it would be the perfect house for me :-)


  11. ps...I just found the link I was looking for...I remembered that the first little float home was for sale a little while back...for those of you who wanted to see inside :)


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