Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Window Shopping-A Peek at Our Best Finds This Week.

Well, we have had a CRAZY week shop wise, and business wise in general.  We have several really exciting things in the works that we hope to be able to tell you about very shortly.  And this blog even got a mention on Sarah Richardson's Website.  You can go here to Sarah Richardson to see our little mention. 

The most exciting thing at the shop has been some of our new pieces that we brought in, and practically brought right out again. I thought since you are all so far away, you may like to go window shopping and see some of the more unique pieces at Razmataz.
This Farmhouse cabinet was likely used as an old shop fixture as it is finshed on all 4 sides.  I think it would make a fantastic kitchen island.  If you added some castors and a marble slab, it would be wonderful.
I just LOVE the colors, the Mustardy Yellow and the Saffron top are delicious...
Here we staged it for it's photo shoot with a sparkly Indian Silver vase full of pussy willows, a rusty
 fleur-de-lis art piece, vintage racing binnoculars, and a mix of old and new books.
Just the right amount of "Scrubby-ness".
We were sad to say goodbye to our White Farmhouse chairs, but they are going to a new home with 4 young children, so they were thrilled that we had the 6th unpaintedbut matching "mystery chair" in the back room.
The Uber Cool Vintage bar stools were a very unusual find.  You don't see these retro stools around much and I find them so interesting and fun.
It was either Farmhouse or Retro this week.  This old typewriter table make a perfect end table or night stand.  The side "flaps"  fold down.
It has the origanl tag "Albert White and Co. Toronto.
I love it as a side table with this old leather button tufted wing chair.  Very Urban Loft. 

I would so make my kid sit in this chair as soon as he was out of a high chair.
Or make it "The Time Out Chair". It is actually a vintage shoe shine chair.

As you can see, there were lots of fun pieces around this week.  This weekend we are restocking......


  1. Those are cool pieces. I love it when pieces go in the shop and right back out again. It tells you, you hit the nail on the head. I'm going to go check out your mention on Sarah's site. Congrats!

  2. Great finds! You really have an eye for treasures ~ I so wish I lived closer to take home that fabulous leather chair. Hope they all go fast!
    Sarah :)

  3. My Mom has that exact {Time Out} Chair in her kitchen except hers is red!

    It has been there as long as I remember and let me tell you, that is a *l.o.n.g* time....

    I guess I better go claim it, huh?!

    So cool that you got a mention on Sarah's blog!

  4. Thanks you for taking us on a virtual window shop! I loved it especially seeing as I am sitting at my desk at work having a little beauty break (gives me a much neeeded fix to keep plugging away at the finances)! You have some great items in your shop, I only wish I could come and buy them! xx

  5. That green bar stool is so cool Chania. I love it. Now what would be the logistics of getting that to NZ I wonder.......
    My girls would be nervous of that time out chair too. Pleased your week is going so well. xx

  6. Love the stools! I have two myself and they are two of my favorite junk store finds.

  7. Your "time out chair" brings back lovely memories for me, my Mum's Aunt had one, my Sister and I were fascinated by it when we were little. We used to love visiting Aunt Nelly as she baked a lot and always had yummy cakes for us to eat :)

  8. Such nice pieces Chania! Wow, I love the Mustard cupboard! Isn't it wonderful to find things like that?
    And the chairs, everything is just amazing.
    Good job on your finds!!!
    Happy Earth Day! We are going to watch "Oceans" tonight with the kids!
    Hugs, Li

  9. really like the stools!you really got great tast wish I could come by your shop and see it all in person...thanks for the window shopping~

  10. I want one of those time out chairs....that would be perfect for my boy who needs time out every now and then! LB x

  11. I love all of the pieces, Chania, especially the white farmhouse chairs. They will love the children!! I so wish I were closer to your shop, I'm sure I would empty a good part of my wallet! ;-)

    Came from Brenda's blog, Cosy Little House. She gave you a mention as well! Your blog is wonderful...a lot of eye candy.

    I still want the farmhouse chairs {and maybe a table to match!}


  12. cool. Love your felted canadian flag on your side-bar too.

  13. Chania, congrats on the mention on Sarah's website, very cool! And I love window shopping with you! I love all of the pieces and that very cool yellow shoe shine chair is just like one my parents used to have!

    Kat :)

  14. Oh my gosh, where do I begin to gush ... It is a good thing I don't live in your town or I just might take up residence in your shop as an intern or something. I just adore this wonderful "window shopping." I have fallen in love lately with all things yellow, so of course I am enamored of that wonderful mustard yellow sideboard, the stool/chair and that great typewriter table. So many wonderful pieces that you and your partner have collected and, more importantly, arranged so stylishly!


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