Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Family of White Farmhouse Dining Chairs

These chairs were my big find this week.  A whole family of vintage white farmhouse chairs.  I am a huge fan of white chairs.  I especially like the juxtaposition of old and new, mismatched to the table yet perfectly matched chairs.  A set of white chairs add repetition and rhythmn to a room. 

Take this dining room for instance. How gorgeous is this room above?.  That massive table and crisp, simple white chairs.  (sorry I can't find the source). 
This image is from Country Living Magazine.  It's very Rachel Ashwell, very fresh and very livable.  I would so do this in a victorian style house.

And then there's the beach house from . Chunky, sturdy white chairs with a pale table top and saw horse legs.

 So why am I going on about white chairs.  Because I love white chairs, and because we found the best white farmhouse chairs ever. Yesterday, Lorraine and I went hunting.  Fresh from the "man tries to steal our table" incident, we have a New Strategy.  New rules. New game plan.

1.  Never leave the prize unattended.
2.  Keep quiet and inconspicuous.  No squealing, clapping or jumping.
3.  Visibly mark the "prize" as ours.  (sit on it, pick it up, put your purse on it) so there is no confusion as to who got it first.
4. Inform a person of authority (sales clerk) ASAP that we intend to purchase it.

Anyway we were in our favourite haunt, and she was way out of range (we should get walkie talkies) when I saw these....
A family of five white farmhouse chairs, all with just the right amount of worn paint and heavy and sturdy and just so farmhouse perfect.  And a bonus.  Just in the back right you can see a 6th chair, the black sheep of this chair family.  Identical to the others, but for some reason left unpainted.  A lone wolf.  Which made me think of Vincente Wolf.  He has been known to paint wooden chairs all one color and make just one slightly different in color.  This chair could be gray-er, cream-ier, pink-ier.....

Anyway, I immediately corralled them into a huddle, threw down my coat, purse and my leg on one and sat firmly down. I watched and waited feeling very smug and eventually Lorraine breezes along and suddenly notices me sitting down.  "Oh you're having a sit down" in her lovely London accent.  "Oh, you're sitting on some chairs" (I can hear her voice getting higher as she identifies them as treasures)  and even higher and more excited "Do you like those chairs you're sitting on?"  By now the whole shop had noticed the chairs, but clearly knew who they belonged to.

Anyway, long story short, this is the vision for these chairs.Something like this...chunky table, casual white chairs and white walls....
Or for a less matchy poo look, different chairs unified with white, easy to accomplish with an assortment of chairs..

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  1. How funny! I also know from experience, this is exactly what you need to do so no one else tries to take your prize! :) I LOVE the chairs and so wish I lived closer -
    You have the best eye for such beautiful things ~

  2. I have learned to be very nonchalant and walk, not run over people when I spot something I must have, play it cool:)


  3. fab find!! love, love them chairs! and all the images today...
    on another subject, sadly i can't find sarah richards here?! so, look forward to your reviews...

  4. I LOVE farmhose style and your chairs are just lovely.

  5. great story and I love your new tactics for when you spot something great!

  6. Oh yes....I've developed a poker face & 'bored' body language to ensure I don't telegraph my enthusiasm for a Treasure....Mind you, when I take a 'newby' with me & they squeal at the top of their lungs when I'm in the middle of discussing a piece with the owner at the Market, "Oh Tamarah that IS SO YOU!"....I'm NOT fooling anyone....hahahahaha...!!

    tamarah :o)

  7. Hmm I think they'd look better more "matchy-poo" :)

  8. It is not funny how we all learn the tricks of the trade? Taking my husband is a disaster because he just doesn't get the game. Worse yet when he says we don't need it, we'll get it later....makes me wish he stayed at home...good score girls.

  9. Congratulations on your sweet find!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. Now, I really like your game plan. I need to take notes. I think I have probably pushed or uncomfortably lunged past people to get to said treasure. White chairs with rough farm tables rock!

  11. Oooh, great find Chania! I can just picture you sitting in the chairs and growling at anyone else who looks at them twice! xx

  12. Great chairs! Fantastic find! Love it! ~Lulu

  13. Haha, too funny! I can just imagine if we ladies all went to the same market/thrift shop and were all just walking around with expressionless faces (hearts pounding) trying not to give anything away,lol. I,m going to study peoples faces next time I'm thrift shopping and see if I can guess who is following your rules, should be fun!

  14. Good plan! love the chairs :) my chairs are looking very sad at the moment, I have been threatening to recover them for ages, cream fabric was a very bad choice when I was about to start a family, now I have three little monkeys messing them up :)

  15. Great chairs! Great tips too!

  16. Oh Chania! I know a great spot for these chairs.........!!!!!
    Health and happiness,

  17. Those chairs are honestly a FABULOUS find and you have inspired me to put on my wellies and brave the nasty weather today and hit the local shops to see if I can find my own set of 6 which I am in desperate need for here in my own dining room. Gorgeous photos and so funny how you staked your claim, good for you!

  18. lucky you!!what a great find!love those chairs...

  19. I LOVE this story.I will have to try it sometime but we lack any decent markets out west -it is all pure junk! I love the chairs and the whole farmhouse table with white chairs!

  20. Those chairs are positively wonderful! It's hard to find groups like that....they are fabulous! Thanks for sharing all the great pics too! Love your blog!

  21. So funny Chania! These memories are priceless!!! Well, I agree with you: paint them in diferent colors. Creamy, white, light blue, pink, know what I mean. Creamy is totaly me! I found 2 old chairs in the "garbage"! I should say, in the back aily?Anyway, thanks for the comment and I'm sure you would love to visit Rio!
    We had snow here...I hope is warmer donwn there!
    hugs, Li

  22. Great chairs Chania!

    I see you now reside in my old home province beautiful Ontario! You'll have to visit my blog to see a gorgerous home on virtual tour from Ontario!

  23. I LOVE your new chairs Chania, and even more so as they have a funny story behind how you managed to get them:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  24. Chania,
    Thank you for coming the farmhouse chairs, I have a thing for chairs always changing off one or some for others.

    Ooooh by the way sorry for droooling all over your inspiring post pictures, it's been awhile since I have seen them and you have reminded me of the things I so love about designs.

    Keep inspiring us!!!


  25. LOVE your chairs, what an awesome find...congrats.

  26. What a great find! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets paranoid when I find something I love. I'm always certain that everyone else in the store wants what I want. I can't wait to see them in your home.

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