Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge - Jewellery

This week's photo challenge was to photograph a piece of jewellery.....something fun for most people.. I am a huge jewellery fan probably because it always fits no matter how much weight you gain. Jewellery and Shoes ALWAYS FIT.

For my part of the challenge, I challenged myself to use only the Manual Setting on my camera...something good photographers do...they control the light, aperture etc.  The problem I find with Manual is the shutter is open longer so you have to have a tripod or a very steady hand.

I purchased this ring in Mexico....and I must say that Mexico makes some of the loveliest Silver jewellery.
I debated the should I or shouldn't I on this (even though it was not a pricey ring) and I did.

It came with a little cotton bag that had flecks of seeds and bits woven into the cotton.  I thought it looked pretty on the white with the yellow trim and pink/blue string.
Next week's challenge is to Photograph a perfume or any bottle of fragrance.  Try and capture something artistic, either with the product worthy perhaps, or an artistic presentation....a tray or vanity with a pretty, eye catching arrangement that includes perfume.  Remember this is a challenge, not just a snapshot of a bottle.  Would your photo SELL a bottle of the stuff??

Here's a little advice I found on the Internet about photographing perfume. (don't worry if your camera is a point and can still get a great shot.

The right lighting can either make or break your shot. The perfect amount of lighting can highlight intricacies, while too much or too little light will highlight flaws. As a photographer, it is your job to create a set-up that best suits your perfume bottle. If the bottle is simply round, you'll have a much easier time photographing it. If the design is complex, you'll be dealing with a lot of shadows and reflections. Every bottle is unique, so it is your job is to use lighting to your advantage to rid the pesky reflections. Be sure to avoid using the camera on your flash, you want the picture to have a natural light to it. As for exposure, I suggest using an aperture of f/8 since it's the perfect amount of lighting.

Most perfume bottles have the name of the perfume or the company it was manufactured by on the bottle. Usually, the font of the text is in white or black. Shooting a perfume with black text is usually no problem, but photographing a bottle with white text is rather difficult. This is why you need to have your bottle facing the light in a way that you can still read the text and have the rest of the bottle visible with perfect definition from shadows. Using a light box will help with this issue since it helps reflect light and you have more control of where it does and doesn't touch the bottle.

Join the challenge and post a link to your Blog Post Below.  Have a great weekend everyone........


  1. What a gorgeous ring! How did I miss this challenge? Hmmm, maybe I can rustle up something last minute :)
    Have a great weekend Chania x

  2. Well, I had to use the manual setting as well, but I have a little gorilla tripod that helps. However, your pictures are so well set up and I learn something from you each week.

    Off to the mall next week, or a vintage shop to find a wonderful bottle of fragrance...

    Your ring was worth every penny, and the pictures, priceless. Ann

  3. Sadly Chania, I am not a jewellery person. Don't get me wrong I like jewellery.

    I love sparkly things.

    But since losing most of it is a horrible lot to have in life, epecially losing a diamond necklace your hubby gets you for christmas. Well, and being so angry at that same hubby at another point in life I threw my wedding ring in the ocean just to spite him..

    I don't think I am a good candidate for this challenge.

  4. Lovely! I love chunky rings!

  5. Chania, I love this ring!..silver and these look like "black pearls", from the tropics.Just beautiful.

  6. I love the pics of your ring. I think you met the challenge very well!
    Have a nice weekend Chania.

  7. I love the ring! Very pretty.

    I didn't use the manual setting today...but I must try another time!

    happy day!


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