Monday, March 7, 2011

Eat Cake

This cake is good enough for Orange Chocolate Marble cake with a delicious chocolate drizzle.....I got this recipe from Janis at Pinecone Camp.  Janis is a professional Lifestyle and Interiors photographer and each Monday she posts a" Baked On a Monday post".  Her recipes are always fabulous, easy and best of all her photographs of her baking are magazine beautiful. For those amateur photographers who struggle to photograph food, take a look at Janis's Monday posts to see her gorgeous creative shots....  she makes it look simple, but I know from trying that food photos are very tricky..

Yesterday, Janis also posted a beautiful gift wrapped in newspaper with a gorgeous recycled scrap fabric ribbon.  You can see it HERE.  This post confirms what I wrote about HERE, that you can gift beautifully without EVER buying a piece of gift wrap or ribbons ever again.......

I doubled this recipe so I could deliver a little Sunday surprise to my neighbors, and it turned out beautifully.
I also used an organic orange because you need to zest the orange for the recipe.....It's divine..


  1. Yummmm! (must wipe drool off keyboard) ;)

  2. Chania, OMGoodness this cake is not only gorgeous, it looks delish, I would probable over-do the chocolate drizzle, and eat the whole cake.

    Hey what's the subject for next photo challenge?

  3. That looks soooo good! Lucky neighbour.

  4. Holy Yummy Cake! That looks so beautiful!

  5. That cake looks so delicious. That gift wrapping using newspaper was brilliant. Love all these great tips!

  6. Now cut it out! Or I will have to only read you at night because this jump stat of my sweet in the morning is NOT helping lol!
    Will it ship well? haha


  7. Mmm that looks so good! I love Janis' blog and have made many of her yummy recipes! :)

  8. Yum! I don't suppose it would survive the post to Tasmania?

  9. Made the cake yesterday! utterly decadent!

  10. Well done! I'm happy you mentioned organic oranges - a must when using the rind, especially! Thanks so much for the mention, it's perked my day right up.


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