Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perfume......A Photo Challenge....You're Invited to Participate This Friday

My LOVELY perfume photographed on a piece of velvet and wrapped in pearls.

Just a reminder about the Friday Photo Challenge.  This week our challenge is PERFUME.  Photograph a bottle of fragrance in an artistic way.  I am hoping that the Friday Challenge will become a way to develop and challenge your (and my) photo skills.  I want this to be somewhat of an artistic endeavor...a learning experience. The calibre of photos will improve each week because Photography takes practice.  Thank goodness for digital so we can take 100 photos and edit.

I have posted a few tips HERE plus a link to photographing perfume. 

Mix it up....add some interesting BITS to your photograph....but just like Top Model, remember what the topic is....the Perfume should take center stage.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  1. OH this looks like fun!..I will be watching as i am lousy at photography...any good ones I have are my daughters work!

  2. Well that's a fun little project! I don't have any perfume...I should borrow a bottle.
    I love your pic!

  3. How funny....thats the only frag. I wear and people always say"oh you smell lovely"....hope this finds you well!

  4. C., great question about grey/gray. I believe I am correct in saying 'grey' is the more popular european spelling while 'gray' is most popular in the US. donna

  5. I am so excited about this little project!! I plan to play with the camera and little bottles tonight. I hope you plan to continue these challenges as it "forces" me to find my "me" time at some point during the week!


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