Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sweetness of Bloggers and My Guest Post at Dirkson Dabbles.

I am guest posting today over at Dirkson Dabbles Blog.  Bethany is an accomplished artist and has a varied and interesting blog.  As part of her P(art)nership Series, I am over HERE talking about trends in the art world.

I am a lucky girl.  I have received 3 random gifts lately, all from fellow bloggers, and I must say I am tickled pink. 

First I received this gorgeous necklace from Suzan at Old Grey Mare.  Suzan in an incredibly talented artist, who I had the pleasure of visiting when I went to Vegas this January.  She also has an online shop full of her handmade treasures, included necklace such as these.  You can visit her shop A Mare of a Different Colour Here.  I love the colour and sparkle of this piece so much I have it hanging from the window by my desk.

I am sure you all know Tamarah, the Junk Diva from Shabby Vintage Junk. She is a feisty Aussie who rescues treasures from the hard rubbish and has  passion for everything old and worn, vintage and wonderful.  Just reading her blog is an adventure.  She sent my this old key and Australian penny on  a chain, which touched my heart.  When I visit my family in Melbourne I will visit Tamarah and she has promised to take me out into the hard rubbish.  I somehow feel like I need to go buy safari gear for that.  She hit it right on the head for me.  I think this is so charming and I also have it hanging by my desk.

And then on a very grey day, this gorgeous photo arrived in the mail. A soft and precious floral taken by photographer Kat Warren from Low Tide High Style.  An extraordinary photographer, Kat is celebrating the opening of her Etsy shop.  You can visit her shop HERE

I have met some incredibly lovely people through blogging.  Getting a little package in the mail randomly can brighten and cheer your day.  I feel very lucky to have met such talented women.


  1. Beautiful gifts..hope that little penny necklace brings you luck ;) x

  2. Yes indeed, there are some really sweet bloggers out there. You're one of those Chania! I just read your "eat cake" post. So lovely. Thanks!

  3. Oh what wonderful necklaces !!..!The photograph makes me want to reach out and touch it ~..beautiful!

  4. how sweet! you are so deserving of these lovely gems.

  5. Lucky you! I love getting surprises in the mail.

  6. what awesome gifts; I adore the key and penny - a great touch...

    you're a lucky gal, chaina.


  7. Chania I feel so honored to be in the company of both Suzan and Tamarah, thank you for the shout out! I think you receive thoughtful gifts because you are so thoughtful yourself. You are a true friend my dear and I hope our paths will one day cross!

    I'm off to read your guest post!

    Kat :)

  8. How lucky are you! Beautiful gifts :)
    The penny & key necklace made me smile, such a great idea. My mum used to sew pennys into the corners of curtains to stop them flying around in the wind.

  9. GINORMOUS HUG and big sloppy kiss back atcha


  10. WOW!..what "TREASURES"...you are loved my friend.

  11. Those are beautiful gifts, and I agree: bloggers make the best friends!


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