Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

A lazy weekend, although cooking up a storm today.  I treated myself to tulips because the weather was so gloomy.  I tried this new fruit....The Pomello....a cousin of the grapefruit.  The thing is a massive with a 1 inch pith.  Tasted like a not so flavourful grapefruit.  Makes a pretty decoration for a breakfast plate though. I just can't resist a Sunday morning without bacon..........And this Geranium candle by Paddywax is heavenly..

Spent some time making clay tags.....these ones are for Easter with the chicks.  I am going to donate my profits to Breast Cancer from my tag sales.....

And...I am coming up with ideas for wedding favours for Brandon and Tracy's pretty would one of these be on each place setting....oops that Mother-in-Law of the bride thing is surfacing...........

And for birthdays, I made a dozen with cupcakes.....I will be gifting these ones..................

And we woke to snow on Sunday....although a bright and warm morning.  These are the pods on my wisteria......I paraded around the garden in my boots and pyjamas to get shot of the ice on these. 

I've been Reading this delightful book too, while my tomatoes are roasting for soup.  I also made a marble cake with fresh orange that I will post tomorrow.  I hope you all are winding down from a pleasant weekend.


  1. The pics are great Chania! I can picture you right now in your boots and pyjamas! Anything for a pic eh? Lol. I love those paddywax candles too, I just got the jasmine fragrance, soo lovely. The tags are pretty cute too.

  2. I love tulips too! those little clay tags are such a brilliant idea. And for place settings for the special wedding too! Love them!

  3. That sounds like a perfect weekend to me Chania. I like the look of that book :)

  4. Ahhh now those images are just a tonic. A cousin to the grapefruit? Who knew? And tulips - me all time fave and I love that they come all bunched up like that then go leggy over time. Isn't there some old wives tale about putting a copper coin the water to keep them fresh? Or did I imagine? Lou x

  5. Love your picture collage, and love the sofa on the book cover.

  6. I could smell, taste and enjoy each picture and description. I'm a MOG (Mother of the Groom) as well and really like those tags :-) Ann

  7. Your photos are making my mouth water! I love your tags and they would be simply lovely at your son's wedding.

  8. The sofa upholstery on the book is devine, I would love a whimsical sofa like that.

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekend and that book looks great!

  10. ah damn I'm hungry!

    Adorable tags my dear : D


  11. Gorgeous pics of your weekend...that breakfast plate looks so delicious!! Love all of your tags, you have been a busy lady!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, Chania. Hugs ~ Txx

  12. Those tags are brilliant! Love the cupcake ones!

  13. Great job on the tags, they look great! I need to go buy myself a copy of your featured book, looks fabulous and perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, thanks for sharing:)

  14. Would you share your clay recipe? The tags look like they are similiar to something I made MANY years ago as Christmas ornements. They looks so pretty and springy, and make me happy!

  15. Chania your tags are GORGEOUS....I'm SURE Tracy would WELCOME these sweet Treasures if they were offered....!!

    ....hahahahahaha....If that's breaky at your place I need to drop in QUICK SMART & grab me some....Can you see me droolin'....SERIOUSLY....!!

    I LOVE the upholstery on the couch on your book....MUST FLY....Off to the Book Depository....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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