Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge - our lovable, gorgeous pets.

 The photo challenge for this Friday was PETS.  Because so many of us have gorgeous animals we love and adore and love to show off.  This is my cat Hannah in her Superman Cape Bandanna.

And because I love pictures with blurry motion, I had to throw this one in.  She wasn't co-operating today on the photo front....she was watching America's Next Top Model last night and decided to be the diva today.

Next week, the challenge is to photograph a


Any door.  Preferably an interesting door or a boring door photographed in an interesting way

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  1. CUTE! I love the superman cape! She's a beautiful cat! Well photographed too! :)

  2. Her SuperKitty Cape makes her eyes pop even more! Fabulous!

  3. I'm always a sucker for cute pet pics! Hannah is adorable in her cape :)

  4. I think I've found my new superhero!

  5. How adorable! How did I miss this challenge? I love photographing my furry girl :)

  6. Wow your kitty is adorable my daughter thinks she looks like our Grace!
    Love the bandana!

  7. She's so cute and I'd love to see more of her.

  8. cute photos. Thanks for hosting this. Deb

  9. tooo cute!!
    I have one of Ella in the middle of a wiggle and all you see is motion- I love it because it speaks to her energy in a still photo... so I especially love the second photo!
    happy weekend!

  10. Hannah's lovely. I love the pic of her in motion!

  11. Got this all messed up this week Raz! Finally ended up posting twice...sorry,will try and get it straight for next week!
    Love Hannah BTW!

  12. LOVE the superhero cat! The cape is adorable.
    Sorry I was late this week.

    happy day!

  13. A good photo challenge! Everyone loves to share their furry companions. Thanks!

  14. Hannah is ADORABLE Chania....I LAUGHED my head off just now when I spied her in her little bandana cape....TOO CUTE....I showed Mr SVJ & he said we should try & take a pic of Baxter with one of my vintage scarves....hahahahaha....I don't like my chances on that front....!!!

    Tamarah :o)


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