Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge - Perfume

Hello, welcome to the Friday Photo Challenge.  This week the challenge was to photograph perfume or fragrance of some sort.  If you don't have perfume, linen water or room spray would suffice.  I have this beautiful bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker perfume called Covet. (I hate that word).   I did have a hard time getting it to photograph the true colour.  I had to play around a bit, shooting over 50 shots on manual until I felt I got the lighting right.  I also thought the best shot was this one with the little white soap bar beside it, until just a minute ago when I realized that the soap says Aroma (I hate that word too). I don't think that is an attractive word to use on a fragrant product somehow. Anyway, beside the point, in this shot you can see the name of the perfume, which I couldn't on most of my shots.

This was my second choice.  I like the line up of soaps, but if the product is perfume, this would sell the soap, not the fragrance.  Also you can see the black writing through the bottle....a no no I am sure for a product photo, although I am sure photo shop comes into play here in the professional world.

Now this box of white soaps did inspire me for next weeks challenge....the photo is to be WHITE.  Photograph something texture, brightness, layers, shadows on white, whatever makes white interesting.  Remember, this is an artistic challenge. Your photo should challenge you to photograph something white in an artistic way.  Here is an example.  Below is a photo of a white pillow.  If I had just photographed it on the sofa, it would be quite un-interesting, however, when shot up close, all the waves and ruffles show giving it interest and dimension.

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  1. I really like the purple color of the bottle!

  2. What a pretty bottle! Great picture!

  3. Haven't smelled this one yet Chania...will make a point to next time I am in a department store. Beautiful colour, I love the contrast against the milky-white soap.

  4. Love the bottle color and the top. Beautiful!

    happy day1

  5. Beautiful, the color of my birthstone(amethyst).
    Your photo's are so amazing, I sorta hate to put mine up, my camera is about had it, I need a new one, but I want great photo's without all the bells and whistles, I don't know if I could operate a fancy camera,hehe.

  6. I know that scent- close my eyes and bring it back to memory. Adore hte crystal cut top- greta capture of color : D


  7. Hi Chania,

    I like the subject of perfume as a photographic study. It is a unique way of intermingling the senses. Your pillow looks incredible! It is like a lovely painting. I hope you are well and happy. I am not feeling so gray today and hope you are out of your grayness also.

    Take care!

  8. Sorry about that. I loaded twice since the first link didn't work out quite! (please delete #6)

  9. Such a pretty bottle! Now that would look lovely on a dresser. What great facets! Kit


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