Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yes, I've Gone Mad..................For a Vintage Wedding Dress

Last summer I bought a wedding dress from a vintage shop. Why you may ask?
  • Maybe I've always longed for one of my own because I didn't wear one to my Justice of the Peace wedding.
  • Partly because it was so cheap....$50.00.  .
  • Partly because I wanted to photograph it.
  • Mostly because it's hand made and scrumptious and rufflesd and bowed and it rustles and swishes and is a vintage treasure. 
So beautifully crafted and detailed.  No label in this, so I assume sewn by an Individual, not a Shop. It's tiny, likely a size 2, and made for a Nicole Kidman type figure.  Tall and slender.  My daughter thought I was mad.  I made her try it on, but this is not the dress for a 4'11" girl, no matter now tiny she is. 

It has a bit of a sleeve that sits off shoulder, with organza straps over the shoulder.  A soft collar with a modesty panel, that today's bride would likely remove to show a little more Décolletage .

 All finished off with a Taffeta bow.

 It falls into delightful gathers of silk, tulle and satin....Beautiful seaming with corded edge....................

 Embroidered flowers finished with tulle and a tiny pearl bead.

 A concoction of someone very talented and creative..................................................................

Flowers and beads around the front...........you can see the off the shoulder sleeve with the organza strap

And the back reveals a covered button closure all the way up...

 Where it meets with those gorgeous off shoulder sleeves.

It would reveal the shoulders beautifully...............................................................................................

One day, a princess will come along who would love to wear this gown, and I will give it to them.  In the meantime, it hangs in my spare room closet and only comes out for photos.


  1. oh we here at our house have a soft spot for vintage dresses and this is devine!

    the buttons are a treasure!! very good find! love it!

  2. Isn't it gorgeous! I can totally understand why you had to have it :)

  3. Oh Chania it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL....I too can see whay it was a MUST purchase....!

    I'd LOVE to have a rack with 4 or 5 vintage dresses like this in pastel tones....** sigh ** ....A girls gotta have a WISH list right....!!

    ENJOY your Treasure....!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. Gorgeous dress! The detail and the little shoulder sleeves are beautiful

  5. Exquisite, modesty panel and all. What a superb dress maker who made it. Chania, what a wonderful find!

  6. I fell in love with your dress the moment I read the post title and saw the first photo ... this is beyond exquisite!

  7. That dress is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! Beautiful.

  8. That dress is stunning. I can see why you bought it. I can only imagine the history. Imagine when the bride found it and knew it was the one. How romantic.

  9. How absolutely lovely. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know the story behind such a dress? Love your photos of it and will wish for that princess to show up one day in your future. Ann

  10. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love dresses like that - ones that flow and are very I dunno, romantic looking.
    My mother, for years sewed for other people. She's made many wedding dresses in her time, including my aunts' over 50 years ago.
    The best part of her making the dresses was that she always used me as the "mannequin" to try the dress on.
    It was fun to watch her tea-dye the lace, taking a big breath as she plunged it into the tea. $200 a yard lace would be hard to replace if not dyed properly!
    Thanks for bringing back those memories for me.

  11. Ooooh, what a pretty dress! And it's the perfect subject for your beautiful photos :-) There's one very lucky tall & small bride-to-be out there who's going to look stunning in it on her wedding day :-)

  12. It is positively elegant!So romantic...isn't there a better place for it than the storage room...on a dress form in your bedroom, or in the dining room for an anniversary dinner? It seems such a shame to not have it on display some where, somehow...thanks for sharing it.

  13. Stunning! I want it, but then I want everything on your blog!! Which is why I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award.For more details you can see my blog where I have linked to you! Sarah x

  14. The dress and your blog are both gorgeous! Thanks for your comment regarding my interview on www.artbykarena.blogspot.com. Good luck in the painting give-away!

  15. that dress is fabulous. I would go nuttyfor something like that too, and take it out every now and again just to admire it.

  16. And when the princess comes, Chania, please take more photos so that we can see her in the dress!
    I've posted a couple of my vintage dresses on mylifeinonehundredobjects.blogspot


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