Monday, March 28, 2011

La Sardine

We travelled to Montreal for the weekend to visit the Boy Child and his Fiance.  The guys took in a hockey game and my future DIL and I scarfed down the most delicious take away curries that I always like to get when we there there.  We ate nann bread and looked though wedding books, while I gave my 2 cents on what she should wear.  She asked how I was going to wear my hair......wild and wooley is how I usually go....

Montreal to me is about the architecture and the food.  We stayed in the Old Port at Hotel Place D'armes. which had reclaimed brick walls and gorgeous bath products and excellent service. I inisted on breakfast at Le Cartet because I love boiled eggs for breakfast and my latte in a bowl.  They also have the most amazing array of French products to purchase.  I bought this can of choclolate sardines because they were just so lovely....I just don't really want to eat them.

Thay also have the largest assortment of chocolate bars I have ever seen.  I bought these pink and white mini bars because of the wrappers alone.

And some lovely tubs of seasalt.....

And because I miss a real market in my own town, we went to the Atwater Market.

The French know food alright....everything was so beautifully laid out and garnished.  I love market food.


The hotel lounge for our comlimentary drinks.......

And we tried the restraurant Steak et Frites for just that.  Ontario should have BYOB.  It makes eating out so much more affordable.......and even more affordable is eyeing a large platter of pastries at the table/party next to us and being offered their handmade "puffs" for our desert.  And just to be even cheekier....we asked the waiter for a takeaway bag for the desert that we didn't even get from the restaurant....the one that T mooched for us.  The puff, as we discovered, is a Portugeuse light batter all puffed and glazed with slightly lemony icing.  Delicious.  Montrealers are very kind and accomodating. 

Lovely seeing the kids.........................................................I've missed them.
The Puff.............................................


  1. What great pics! Makes me hungry! Love the little sardines. How cute!

  2. Beautiful pics. Love the little chocolates - similar to the ones I make with my own labels.
    And love the sardines - how cute are they!

  3. I love those sardines! I'm glad they were chocolate. Your photos are wonderful.

  4. Oh! I think I would've been in heaven visiting the food markets. What a nice visit! xx

  5. Wow - Montreal looks like an epicurean heaven. I've eaten those choc sardines, and I love the packaging - nice change from maple products.

  6. See now you are starting to sound like me and the Tiffany boxes I wouldn't open. I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to eat those chocolate sardines - they are just so cute. I agree that the French have a way with food alright.

  7. I believe I could not open those chocolates, they are too cute.
    Next time you are in NYC you must go to Chelsea Market and Eataly. They were my favorite markets there, well so far, I have so much more to learn..
    The International Market here is pretty cool too..


  8. Oh my just glancing at your text I thought you had eaten a sardine curry dish...oh that just nearly made me gag, so glad those cute little fish turned out to be something much yummier!

  9. what a fun little trip! and i have to say, chocolate sardines are just about the only kind of sardines i want to eat!


    stuff and nonsense

  10. This made me very hungry!! I'm glad you had a nice trip.

  11. wow this post if overflowing with yummy! I adore Montreal and especially the Old Port area. They have the most amazing restaurants and shops - it really is like being in old Europe. Sounds like a perfect trip :)

  12. Great!!! Now I'm starving and I'm hours away from dinner. As soon as you started to talk about food, I should have looked away. Oh well! I'm sure I can make it.
    But I do love those sardines. They are so cool!
    Your Friend, m.

  13. Oh Chania I'LL help you scoff those SWEET sardines in a heartbeat....hahahahaha....We can have them for desert when I come over for dinner.... :o) !!

    It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL visit....I'm wondering how much of your 2cents we'll be able to see in the Wedding pics.... :o) !!

    Tamarah :o)


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