Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shout Out- My Dreamy Whites Parcel

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a lavender pillow from Maria at Dreamy Whites. Maria recently opened her Dreamy Whites online shop full of Vintage, Antique and Delightful Bits. This pillow caught my eye because of the soft colours and sweet little pattern. It's actually 8 x 8" and filled with organic lavender.

I am not kidding when I say that my mailman told me his entire truck smelled of lavender all morning. The package arrived with a piece of sheet music taped to the box, so mail guy had a double treat today

The entire package was a treasure to look at and open. Laid in white tissue was my pillow, sprinkled in fresh lavender.

Maria had also included a smaller gain sack pillow tied up with a cloth ribbon with a snip of lavender tucked in along with her business card.

Honestly, presentation is everything. Is this not the most delightful package? A bundle of fresh lavender was also in the box. And her postcard with a handwritten message. It's all in the details and this entire presentation is exquisite. I do think this is the most marvelous gift for a special friend, mother, sister, wife....give your husband or sweetie the link to her shop.......Dreamy Whites.

.....handmade, organic, checks all the boxes......

Maria has worked extremely hard this past year, both on her home and her shop (and of course that gorgeous, inspiring blog). I wanted to give her shop a little shout out because I was genuinely thrilled with this purchase. And I do love handmade and love supporting small, home based businesses.

So, if you would like to peek at her shop, HERE is the link to Dreamy Whites Shop.


  1. Lovely...Maria is a sweetheart. What a special treat for yourself. : )

  2. That is so lovely! Maria does take a lot of care.

  3. I am diggin the pattern..

  4. What a fabulous package! Details really do matter and they make for repeat customers.


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